SOLD Thunderfunk TFB550-B bass amplifier

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    I'm putting my used Thunderfunk TFB550-B amp up for sale. It's rated at 550W into 4 ohms. The amp sounds good and has tons of tone flexibility because of the parametric EQ. Cosmetically it looks very good with no scratches or dents. All the pots/controls work great with no scratches or other unwanted noise. The amp will come with a power cord and rack ears.

    Price I'm looking to get is $580 shipped.

    Feel free to ask me any questions or make offers.

    IMG_0582.JPG IMG_0583.JPG IMG_0584.JPG IMG_0585.JPG

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  2. Great price for a great amp!
    Shouldn't last long.
  3. Sold
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