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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by heath_the_great, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. this has probably been done plenty of times before, but i got to try a thunderfunk head the other week when i tested alembic and acme at the the same time...and i thought wow...then i was just checkin the prices of thunderfunk and i thought ***!!!....its the same price as a SWR workingmans 4004.. :eek: (well here in aus) ive been converted :D me wanties
  2. Who sells thunderfunks in Australia and how much?
  3. well he's not sure if he's gonna carry them yet.but you can order one for down here straight off the webpage....but the guy who im talking about, very nice guy, is on here, not much anymore..but his id is DNBURGESS he also carries acme and alembic...goto www.greensquare.net
  4. heath u sure its that low in price?

    most retailers inflate american products by 2 billion % by the time they reach our shores!!!
  5. gaz, if you order it straight from the thunderfunk website, $980us for the model we can use down ere, with $160us air mail....without the postage at the current exchange rate its only $1377......with postage it'll be around $1500aus...me wanties
  6. Yeah thats pretty good price -

    Postage to Australia on the Thunderfunk site is actually $180 US which is about $243 AUS given current excange rate (about .74) . Whole thing will be about $1570. Don't forget you definately will get customs/GST charges on this. From previous experience, rough guess would be about $200 AUS. So youd be looking at $1700 to $1800 all up.

    Thats a pretty high postage rate for such a small amp. I've had cabs shipped here from the US on air for cheaper than that. I might email THunderfunk and ask if any cheaper shipping options.
  7. never thought about shipping amps due to the weight. but looking at this amps weight.. shouldnt be a problem.

    post up the reply if you recieve it scotty
  8. id still pay up to about 2 grand for this head.....its way better than any Eden or SWR ive played....BTW....swr have already discontinued the 8004 T/O/P
  9. Good work Fender :rolleyes:
  10. are you insinuating it was a bad head..or fender sux.....cos i thought that was a brilliant head...until i found thunderfunk that is
  11. Marlat


    Sep 17, 2002
    London UK
    You will be up for at least 10% GST on the total combined cost of the amp and shipping, so about $150, plus 5% duty on the total amount (about $85) so you might get under $2000k on the amp to your door, but you need to factor in customs clearance fees for items over $1000Aus in value which will hit you up another $100 of so Aus.

    I agree that under $2k is still pretty good value, but importing can be expensive in anciliary costs!
  12. hmmm..might wait and see if dave's gonna carry them...i sent him an email this morning....i told him about the syd get together as well..cos he dont get on here much anymore.....

    but if dave's not gonna carry them..i might buy his :D
  13. I like fenders, i dont like fender.
  14. Thunderfunk


    Mar 27, 2004
    McHenry, IL
    Postage (Airmail) to the down under is high BECAUSE the amp is small. If you ship over 150 lbs. the freight gets alot cheaper. We're trying to work that out.

    Dave "Thunder" Funk
  15. i still want one :D when i have the money..you, or dave burgess (if he decides to carry them) will be hearing from me...

    btw, Thunderfunk + Acme Cabinets = The shiznitz
  16. no no no..
    heath your playing a kubicki.. your opinion on anything at anytime is now void.
    thank you

    :D naww im jus kiddin... i wanna give the thunderfunk+acme setup a go.
  17. with the b4 is incerdible...and the b2 is amazing...i want the b2 sub and the thunderfunk head with my classic bass quaddie