TI Flats On Which Bass?

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  1. I'm a fairly suggestible sort, and as such, based on recommendations from fellow TB'ers, decided I needed to try some flats. Specifically TI Jazz Flats (.043 - .100). So I scored a set of the 'net and now am faced with the dilemma of which bass to put them on. I'm hoping some of you will chime in with your opinions and rationale for said opinions.

    Here are the basses:
    MIM Jazz - sounds good as is but there is a lot of love for flats on them
    Breedlove Studio ABG - currently has the bronze phosphor strings it came with - they tend to have a lot of finger squeak
    Retronix R-800B - Strat style 3-pickup bass with a lot of tonal options but a bit ganky on the bridge pickup; seems like the flats could tame the gank and let the neck/middle combo really have some growl
    Hamer P/J bass - strings on this are hammered; pots are noisy - but it sounds like a P-bass and is very light

    So, if you were in my shoes, which bass would get the flats?
  2. Luckydog


    Dec 25, 1999
    I'd suggest putting them on the bass that you want to use the most. They'll likely stay there
  3. Jaco who?

    Jaco who?

    May 20, 2008
    Hated them on my MIM jazz, just thin and completely lifeless, but it's fretless with dimarzio model Js. Really liked them on my LTD with active eq and EMG HZs, but they suck for slap, and that's what I use it for pretty often. I'd try them on either the hamer or the retronix, just because of the tonal options. What do I know though. :)
  4. Pier_


    Dec 22, 2013
    Roma, Italia
    it depends on wich bass is the one you want to sound "flatwound".

    I'd put them on the Jazz, because a Jazz with flats is a well known sound from 60's and 70's, and it's a big deal, warm and woody tone with a big vintage vibe:

    I would NOT use them on an acoustic bass, because they are extremely light and you won't get much volume out of the bass. if you play it only amplified they can be a nice choice, but not the best.

    a P/PJ bass would sound very good, they are great on a P. I use them since 2011 on my main Precision, and they gave the Yamaha B415 bass I used to own a perfect sound, avoiding the extreme lows and mud of that bass, and making it sound clearer but with the flatwound nuances.
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  5. Dredmahawkus


    Nov 4, 2012
    I tried them on like 8 basses before I threw them on my bluesman vintage jazz....it was like they were made for that bass a perfect match!!!