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TI flats or rounds?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by rude boy, May 2, 2002.

  1. rude boy

    rude boy

    Feb 11, 2000
    Pittsburgh area
    I can't decide if I should get Thomastik-Infeld Flatwounds, or Roundwounds. I read about the silk layer and how the TI's get a warm and woody sound to them, which made me interested in the first place. I was wondering if I should try flatwounds too. I've never played them, but I hear that they give a more upright-like tone, and that the Thomastik-Infelds are more responsive than regular flats. Do flats give a warmer, more wood-bass like sound?

    Basically, I want to be able to play with acoustic instruments like piano and get a sound that's not out of place in a jazz setting, but still cuts enough without sounding twangy and metalic. Any suggestions?
  2. maxvalentino

    maxvalentino Endorsing Artist Godin Guitars/ Thomastik-Infeld

    I use both flats and rounds....as well as Powerbass on my active basses, and Acousticores on my 4 ABGs.
    Both the jazz flats and rounds will give you a warm, "woody" tone. The rounds have a bit more zing to'em. The Flats definitely can produce an upright style thump.
    Tho..I have gotten similar results with old jazz rounds...
    Yes, TI's are MUCH more responsive, both dynamically and frequency-wise, than other strings. TIs open a whole new world of expressivness in your playing, and put the tone, dynamics and, yes, eloquence back into you fingers. They are also quieter..as far as string noise goes.
    They are lighter in gauge and tension than other strings, and for some that takes some getting used to. You need to lighten up your right hand technique, but that opens up a lot of dynamic possibilities. The rounds are quite light (043; 051; 068; 089).The Flats are just a touch heavier and equate out to around a .45-100 set so they feel a bit more familiar. They don't feel like other flat, tho..not do they sound like em. They are quite flexible, and while having a genuine flatwound feel and sound, you can even slap on these puppies.
    As an added bonus....I have found TI's last and last. In fact, the older they are the better they sound. I used to go thru strings...changing them every 2-3 days. Now, with TI's, I might change 2-3 times a year!! In fact, one of my ABGs has had the same set of Acousticores on it for over a year, and it gets played everyday. They still sound great! I do quite a bit of studio work and find that I do not need to change out my strings constantly. I have found that most engineers and producers really like the sound of a broken in set of TIs
    They are great strings.....
  3. maxvalentino

    maxvalentino Endorsing Artist Godin Guitars/ Thomastik-Infeld

    Oh..I almost forgot...TI also make 5 and 6 string sets of both the Jazz Rounds and Flats (and Acousticores for that matter).
    The 6 string set...although designed to fit 34" scale basses, can be easily adapted to fit 35" scale lengths. I have found that if you shave just a few cms. of the silk covering from the B string, then seal that with a drop of clear nail polish (to keep it from unraveling) the set will fit a 35" Modulus no problem......
  4. stevekim


    Feb 11, 2000
    los angeles, ca
    i just slapped on a set of TI powerbass stings on my fender jazz bass. i'm really liking these strings so far. IMO, they have a tension somewhere in between the TI jazz flats and DR strings, probably closer to the DR strings. they sound great right out of the box, not overly bright yet still clear and articulate. if these strings are like other TI strings then i'm sure they will age very nicely. they have that wonderful roundwound "bite" or "growl" to them but they're warmer than most other roundwounds.

    TI jazz flats are also wonderful strings. they almost feel "alive" to me underneath my fingertips. anyone else have this feeling? in the end, i chose roundwounds because i really prefer that sound on my jazz bass.

  5. I don't have any problem using TI flats on my Modulus without any modification.
  6. AndersK2


    Sep 11, 2000
    I agree with maxvalentino.
    I prefer the rounds on my Jazz, because they sound like rounds and the flats sound like flats, although they have a very similar tone.
    I used to change strings every month before, now I have had my present set of Jazz rounds on for three months, and they still sound good.
    I actually like them better worn in.
    Best strings I have found.
  7. >if these strings are like other TI strings then i'm >sure they will age very nicely.

    In my experience, as well as that of another powerbass user I've talked to, you'll get plenty of life out of them. I got an easy 9 months out of my first set, and they were still quite lively when I took them off, I just changed them because the bass they were on has had the neck off quite a few times for adjustments/work and I was worried about the strings possibly being weakened. That set currently lives in my cord bag as backups. Plus, the service from the TI people is top notch.

  8. Big String

    Big String Supporting Member

    Apr 22, 2000
    Northwest Indiana
    Are the TI Power strings made in nickel. I went to the site and it did not indicate that they were. The jazz strings info states nickel... ?????
  9. oddentity

    oddentity Supporting Member

    Nov 20, 2000
    Yes, the Powerbass are nickel strings.
  10. Kinda. The PB are nickel plated steel, and the JF are pure nickel. The PB are higher output.
  11. Big String

    Big String Supporting Member

    Apr 22, 2000
    Northwest Indiana
    Thanks Guys. I got a reply from Thomastik Rep Kevin Reynold today.

    Dean (that's me Big String)

    Thank you for your inquiry and for your interest in Thomastik-Infeld
    strings. The Powerbass strings have nickel in them but they are not made of
    pure nickel like our jazz series (both flat and round wound). The Powerbass
    strings have a high-carbon steel hexagonal core (for a hotter signal) which
    is then wrapped with layers of Thomastik's own proprietary "magnecore" alloy
    (nickel plated steel) to filter out uneven harmonics. The resultant string
    is a higher signal to noise ratio, as the windings as well as the core are
    magnetically reactive, but without uneven harmonics and unwanted noise.

    In your area I suggest or your local Sam Ash Superstore. If there is a local
    dealer you prefer, please let me know who to speak with or have them call me
    to place your order. Since I have no minimum requirements, they can order
    whatever you're looking for. There are also several mail order/online stores
    that carry our strings:

    Guitar & Bass Strings:

    www.mostring.net (1-877-999-2392)
    www.juststrings.com (1-800-822-3953)
    www.bigcitystrings.com (1-800-275-2971)
    www.elderly.com (1-888-473-5810)
    www.thedudepit.com (this is a great discussion forum for bassists. They
    carry all our bass strings)
    www.melbay.com (1-800-8MEL-BAY)
    www.musiciansfriend.com (1-800-776-5173)
    New Age Strings 610-678-3057

    Thanks again for your inquiry and please let me know if I can ever be of

    Best regards,
    Kevin Reynolds
    Connolly & Co.
    Exclusive US Importers of Thomastik-Infeld Strings
  12. And to add, purely commercial interest, Steve Barr (http://www.thedudepit.com) is fully stocked on powerbass strings at the moment, and I doubt you'll find better prices.

    dude's roadie
  13. Harpo


    Feb 1, 2001
    Kings Park NY
    I just put a Set of TI Powerbass on my Stingray5 and I have to say these are the best strings I have ever played the sound so Round and so even I can not belive how much I like these strings !!!!!!!!!
  14. I have a set of TI PowerBass ready to install on my RB5. The TI Flats currently on the RB5 sound wonderful, but they are going on to a MIM J fretless I'm waiting to arrive. I have another set of TI Flats going on to my MIM P.

    OhioBob has me convinced the TI PB are really going to make my RB5 come alive with the round-wound J tone. I'm looking forward to making the change.

    I'm only dragging my feet until I can make some high quality MP3 recordings of each setup before I change it. I picked up the patch cables that should feed my SWR IOD into my sound card to make the recordings.
  15. As an aside, have you installed the SD in the MIM P yet? I'm curious as to how the P/SD?T flats combo works out. Also, remember to give the TI flats some break-in time. According to just about everybody (I've never had a new set, just two used ones) they really come to life after they've been on the bass for a couple of weeks. The powerbass don't really seem to have much settle-in time, over the first couple of weeks they shead just a touch of clank, then that's it for quite a while.

  16. Thomguy


    Oct 15, 2001
    New York, USA
    Glad to see the support here folks! I'm glad you're liking the strings. Please feel free to call or email anytime if I can be of assistance or of course, post here.

    My best,
  17. I've a set of TI flats in my bag right now. They came in on this morning's post, for fitting to my Yammy RBX270F.

    I've never played them before and bought them on recommendation from guys on here.

    My initial reaction is their feel: they seem rather floppy, and smoothly silky, and don't at all have the stiffness of the popular round wounds.

    Can't wait to get them on the bass for a try-out.:D

    It's nice to have taken some experience from users on the board.


    'Wonder if someone could compare TI flats to Rotosound's Jazz 77s for me?



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