TI Jazz Flats 34" vs. 35" scale

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  1. I'm fixin' to get a Cliff Bordwell fretless 6 to be strung with TI Jazz Flats.

    It appears I could either use the 34" scale strings or get the 36" scale 5 string and add a high C. One reason I like 35" scale is that it seems to allow the action to be a little lower without buzz that I'd get in 34" scale.

    Any thoughts or feedback? Normally, I'd just try out the strings, but these strings are just a tad bit expensive.
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    Jan 3, 2011
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    I really like the sound and feel of Thomastik flats and use them on a few basses including a 5 string tuned E-C.I have also tried the 36" scale set and they definitely have more tension than the 34" set.For a 35" scale bass these might help you get the action and feel you want.
  3. The longer scale length sets have more tension than the 34" scale sets or did you mean that the longer scale length did? I thought they were all the same gauge.
  4. Hmmmm, perhaps I might try out a set and see. Too bad they're so dang expensive. :meh: