TI Jazz flats. E is 2x boomy vs. RS66 rounds on same bass.

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    I just put TI flats on a Fender Jazz AVRI '74 with stock pickups. Had Rotosound RS66 before, nice and broken in ones. Never used TI's and wanted to try them, but I have used Chromes before on other basses.

    Set I got:
    Thomastik-Infeld JF344 Bass Guitar Strings: Jazz Flat Wounds 4-String Long Scale Set;
    .100 .070 .056 .043

    BBE BMAX preamp EQ set flat into a GK 400RB III head (return jack) into Ampeg 4x10.

    Same finger pluck I hit 10th fret E string vs. 5th fret A string. BOOOOOOM! I tend to be aggressive from years trying to emulate Geddy Lee etc, so trying something new. Anything more than 1/3 strength pluck is very noticeable.

    The E string is at least twice as loud as the other strings. Normal? Will tame itself or no? Maybe due to string gauges on this set?
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    May 21, 2008
    I have Ti flat on my both pbass and ibanez SR300e . I try what you did on both of them . Yes, the 10th fret E string are little boomy/fatter tone than 5th fret A string, but not louder. If louder, maybe the E string meet a hot spot area on the fretboard.

    I believe that is a common syndrome on any bass guitar except overly loud.

    I found vintage 7.25 radius fretboard with flush pickup pole piece could cause the E and G string sound Louder than A and D string too.
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  3. Is it the resonant frequency of the room?
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    Thanks for the reply. It's the entire E string, I was using the D note as a comparison.

    I'd expect the fatter tone, but it's much louder. The volume of the notes anywhere on the E string is twice as loud as any other string when plucked moderately hard.

    I also just changed the bridge and noticed the poles are not exactly lining up with the strings, but with RS66 and or nickel rounds I've never run into this. I'll try the bass on another amp and see if I can figure it out. I have plenty of other basses/strings that do not do this, weird!
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  5. I’ve encountered this on piezo equipped basses. No common on mag pu basses.

    Does raising the E string height & lowering A make the volume more balanced?
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    Now I've A/B tested with a Geddy Lee Jazz and it's louder on the E -- The Ampeg cab is new to me and I think I'm just noticing this differently. Can't really blame the TI's although the A/D/G strings a little thinner sounding compared to nickel rounds and it's a bit more pronounced.

    Thank you TB Land s for your input and knowledge.