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TI Jazz ROUNDS inquiry

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Andrew.Glose, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. I saw the jazz flats thread and couldn't help it. I have a 'Wick 'Vette that I use for acoustic/singer songwriter type music and need to get new strings for it. I saw a kid on the internet playing 'crush' by DMB and his tone was phenominal. Apart from telling me that it's probably his custom bass, what can you tell me about your experience with TI Jazz roundwounds? I love mids, so any news that these strings have them would be wonderful.

  2. bass_69


    Dec 10, 2007
    Hi Andrew,

    These strings have the lowest tension of any strings I know of. They are great strings for finger style playing with a light touch. They would be perfect for an acoustic type of arrangement IMO. They have plenty of growl in the mids and the highs are nice. Not harsh like steels or wierd like D'addario nickels (sorry those that like them). I have them on a P/J style bass. They are the only strings that have made all the controls (series parallel wiring / volume for each pickup and master tone control) come alive and be really usefull. They are getting very expensive though.. The JR344's seem to be about $55 a set street price now. If you got the dough, I would give them a go. I prefer them to the TI flats for sure..

  3. That's my video :)

    That tone is partly the bass (Ken Lawrence), but I think the strings are a big part of it too. TI Jazz Rounds are the only roudwound string I'm using on electric basses now. They really do have a unique and special tone and feel. They're the only roundwound string I've played that doesn't have a super bright, zingy tone (which I hate). Right out of the box they have a very warm and organic sound. They also have a very light gauge (low tension) which feels perfect to me. Smaller windings as well, so they have a smoother feel than other roundwounds.

    They are expensive, but definitely worth it to me. I generally get a new set every 4-5 months if they're on a bass I'm playing regularly. Here's another vid I just did last week :)

  4. Well, by golly, I think I'll buy a set relatively soon.

    Thank yous.

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