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  1. shnapper


    May 1, 2005
    Not sure where to put this, Amps or Bass..................

    I plugged in a 115SBX-2 cab last night (15 inch with tweeter)
    and I notice now that my metal palm rest ticks if you touch it. So I unplugged the cab and ran through a 410 without a tweeter and I can't really hear this tick. Now is this a grounding issue with the bass ( fender marcus miller) or the nature of a tweeter?

    I removed the palm rest as experiment and replaced the two small screws that hold it on. I replugged into the tweeter cab and I can tap on the screws themselves and hear the ticking. It's very similar to say a spark plug tick. I'm not sure what to do about it, if it's the guitar I can take it back to GC. I have a different guitar I plugged in and I tapped and slapped it everywhere on the body and it doesn't make this ticking sound.

    So what do I do take the guitar back?

    Note: the ticking happened in both active and inactive.

    Update: I think it might be me, I took a shower and started playing again after words and the tick was gone. It must be static electricity, the tick is slowly working it's way back now.

    This must be a shielding issue, I hope I don't have to spray myself with some anti static chemical hahaha.......