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    I just swapped out a neck on a p-bass. The new neck fit, but was way tighter than any I've done before.
    All Fender parts too. I lubed it up with a little soap shoved it in ;) and tightened up the neck bolts.
    After all that, I had to raise the bridge saddles up a bit to set it up. My question is... could the neck not be fully contacting the body at the heel?
    Bass plays and sounds good. Thanks in advance.
  2. lz4005


    Oct 22, 2013
    Measure it vs the old neck. It might be slightly thicker.
  3. 1bassplayinfool

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    Measured both - they are the same. Anyone used a clamp or vise on a stubborn neck?
  4. ubnomnar

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    Dec 28, 2009
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    Sounds like a sure way to crack the finish around the neck pocket.

    The tightest neck joints I've ever found just required careful hand pressure to fully seat the neck... and careful upward pull to release it.
  5. 1bassplayinfool

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    I could slide a business card between the body and neck on the g string side.
    Snug at the end, but there is a gap as you go towards the bridge like when you "shim" a neck.
    I'm going to play it safe and pull the neck and do a little sanding. Thanks for the replies.
  6. 96tbird

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    Good plan. Sand it down until you can seat it easily by hand. It won't take too much sanding. Once you have it on and restrung to pitch, loosen all the neck screws a quarter turn so the string tension pulls the neck into the butt of the pocket and tighten it back down.


    The G&L user manual actually advises this to ensure the neck is in good contact.
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  7. 1bassplayinfool

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    That did the trick!!! Quick and easy fix there. Thanks tbird!!! :bassist: