Tightest 4-10 for SVT?

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  1. Now, how can you get the tight, punchy bass from maybe 2 x 410s that works well with a 300 watt tube SVT?

    Will some 4-10s work better than others? I would like to get more punch without going to an 8-10.

    Rickenbackerman said his SVT does not like his D-410XLTs.

    I use the SVT with a D-410xlt and D-210xlt. It sounds good, but real loud in some rooms, the bass seems hard to control. I would like to be punchier.

    Are Aggies tighter than Eden?
    How about Bergs?
    Both are ported though, and I wonder if sealed cabs is the only remedy.
  2. The real problem with using an SVT with Edens would be too much low midrange, IMO--which would get flabby in a big hurry.

    My GS-410 is considerably lighter on the low mids than a D-410XLT. It might work well with an SVT. It sure sounds good with an all-tube Aguilar DB359.
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    I'm a big fan of the SVT-410HLF. I currently use one & pair it with a Carvin RL210 (got it cheap) & it sounds great.

    I used my 300w SVT-IIPRO with my SVT-410HLF alone for a few gigs & it worked extremely well. If you're dead set on 2, I think you'll be able to use it @ any gig you'll ever play. :)
  4. The tightest cab will always be a sealed one, not a vented cab.
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    bgavin's got it.