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Tim Lefebvre Rig Rundown 3/21/17

Discussion in 'Live Sound [BG]' started by Radio, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Radio

    Radio Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2010
    New Haven, CT
    This Premier Guitar interview is actually for the Tedeschi Trucks Band.

    The Tim interview starts at 20:04

    Thought you might enjoy it, but I was not sure where to put it, since it encompasses discussion about his whole signal chain.
    Moderators, feel free to move it where it belongs.

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  2. xroads


    Nov 6, 2012
    Thanks...like Pino P., he is using the Alien bass station...interesting...
  3. Radio

    Radio Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2010
    New Haven, CT
    I was surprised at the small pedal board he uses on this gig, knowing what a pedal consumer he is from other interviews. His choice is interesting, too.
  4. SteveBass5

    SteveBass5 It all sounds the same, It's all one song! Supporting Member

    Aug 11, 2009
    I'm interested in the pad he stands in to feel his subs. I can't find anything on it.
  5. Radio

    Radio Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2010
    New Haven, CT
    At about 22:40, he mentions that the bottom SVT is "driving this Tecamp thing."
    He's referring to this: TECAMP PLEASURE BOARD small, medium, large, pleasure pump 500 Tec Amp Bass Amplification::, class D, lightweight :: Basses, Amps,:: For sale, UK, EU, Bassdirect, On offer, EU, Warwick
    There is at least one thread on TB about these. I see they're mentioned as being used with IEMs to give that old pants flapping feel!
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  6. The Diaper Geni

    The Diaper Geni Submissive. And loving it. Supporting Member

    Nov 22, 2005
    Central Ohio
    That is really cool! Thanks for sharing!!

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