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  1. I've been playing for about a year, i think im ready for a second bass (actually third, my first bass died from a fatal injury but it was still under warenty). Right now i am using a Squire Jazz, good for the money. What would everyone recomend, fretless or with frets. (I play mostly blues stuff by the way) I would like to stay with a fender, but im open to any other suggestions. My price range is any where fro $500 to $700.

    I tried out a fender standard jazz fretless a few days ago. It was realy nice to play and had a good tone to it. Two things i saw about it were weird. 1) It said made in china on it. i thought fenders were only made in the US and mexico now. 2) it was fairly cheep, ($550) compaired to my squire it only just over $150 more expensive. Is this how much they cost?

    thanks for any help
    The 2BitBassPlayer
  2. TheBassPreacher

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    Jul 7, 2000
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    First, if your Squire was $400... you were ripped off becuase at most they are $250. Second I've never heard of a MI-China Fender...I thought the only overseas fender was Japan. Anyway my recommendation about what to buy is prob a used MI-America Fender, I found my Am. Std Jazz V for $550

    Oh also, you'll recive lots of suggestions from lots of people, mainly just play different stuff and go with whatever you like best, no matter what someone else says.
  3. Im in canada, the bass cost something like $380 so with exchange $250 usd. is $375 cdn.
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    Mar 17, 2000
    If you play mostly blues, and like Fenders, I would suggest a Precision. I would also suggest putting some nice flatwounds on it, I prefer Thomastik-Infeld.
  5. Aaron


    Jun 2, 2001
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    i bought my Brand New MIA P-bass for 500 USD. Most used ones are around that price. I recomend a MIM jazz/precision for the 300-500 USD price range, but i've seen them as low as $80 used. I've never heard of MIC either, but there are MIJ's. IMO those aren't as good as the mims, but they cost more. You could get a mim, and upgrade the harware and electronics.
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    I don't know how much use this is....

    ...my friend has been playing for around 18 months and he's looking to get a 5 string Yamaha bass. We tried it in the shop and it's not bad.

    Personally I want an EB Stingray 5...but that'll be much further down the line - I've only been playing 7 months so it would be wasted on me.
  7. Hey 2Bit, if you play blues and like the sound of Fenders, check out the Yamaha BB series. The two that I'm talking about are the BBN4II and BBN5II.
    I just bought a 5, and it's very close to Fender in looks and feel. As for sound, it sounds like a Fender that's been hot rodded. The pickups are very growly, and they're passive. Best of all, they're "studying in the Library" quiet. The four goes for about $350.00, and the five was $399.00
    w/out case. This is U.S. funds. I also own a MIM Jazz, and I like the Yamaha better. Make sure it's the BB4N; there's also a BBG series, and I haven't played one of those. They're well worth checking out.

    Good luck with whatever you get.
    Mike J.