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Time to overhaul my bass...Help needed!

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Tendollarcat, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. I was just hoping to get some advice regarding my Moses Custom Jazz bass. Overall, I love it's sound. It has a Bartolini MM passive pickup at the neck and a Custom Jazz passive Jazz pickup at the bridge. There are a couple of problems.

    1) Small cracks have formed in the graphite neck beyond the bolts (at around the 21st fret). As a result, no access to play above the 19th fret is possible. Can the neck be glued to a standard that this fret access will be restored? Any recommendations? Should I go the whole hog and buy a new neck?

    2) The pots adjusting volume to the pickups are not at all reliable. By turning the MM pickup to full, I lose nearly all volume. I also find that the Jazz pickup has little impact on my tone overall. Can anyone recommend a good passive jazz pickup with a bit more zing? I've got the most awesome round bottom end with this bass, should I look at an onboard pre-amp or a new pickup to improve the treble response when I need it? Will rewiring resolve these issues?

    The core of this bass in terms of parts is awesome. Beyond the mentioned pickups, it is a Modulus body, a moses jazz neck with schaller tuners. It strings through the body and is well balanced despite the fact that it weighs a ton! My basic question is - What would you do to make this bass perfect? I know its subjective but I'd appreciate any ideas. Thanks.