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    Feb 18, 2003
    Dear Mike,

    I just read the chap. on the Minutemen in Azerrad's book, and it helped me glue some stray pieces together in my head about what you and D. were shooting for thematically/spiritually. I miss him alot and wish he were around to spread wisdom about this criminal war.

    One thing that kind of blew my mind is that you guys were singing about the "wind god", "east wind", and how that has a dual meaning with Mao's quote and the wind from Revelations (correct me if wrong). The Paranoid Time ep is helping me out right now, to know that you guys were frightened too, and that it's justified to feel that way. When the momentum stops and the machine dies, I really want to believe that some spiritual force will save us from WWIII.

    Have you heard of this guy Subcomandante Marcos of the Zapatistas in Chiapas? I just read an article on them and am massively inspired by his words/peacefulness. If you haven't, I highly recommend.

    Not to get too heavy, but just thanking you.

  2. zach88

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    Feb 18, 2003
    just a few more words from my end...

    I was struck by how you said Dylan served as a father figure for you b/c yr dad was gone overseas much of the time, and not to get too emotional, but you and D. have kind of served a similar role for me. I'm only twenty and am one of those people who "learned almost everything they knew from bands." But I thought it might be cool for you to know that D.'s words have traveled through time to hit me.

    I'm here in Orlando where everyone, family included, is rallying around the flag and looking at me like a stuck-up loser for thinking the things I'm thinking. But I'm scared ****less and am making my way with help from you guys and a few others, like Lightning Bolt and Sonic Youth's "EVOL". I really think that the spirit of art-makers tells an important truth, they are the "real legislators of the age", as Shelley said. Prophets. Righteous men.

    Thank you.
  3. man, I miss D. Boone...

    it's like some older brother who went away to war and never came back. And Mike Watt and George are like cousins from Pittsburgh that you catch up with at the family reunion last summer. It's nice to see such kind words about D.Boon on this site.

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    Aug 24, 2001
    san pedro, california

    there are times in life when you have to think for yourself despite what may seem as the "majority" position. a lot of human activity revolves around fads and trends so you have to be aware of that. fear is a strong force too. hopefully, we all can evolve in our minds and our actions to become more responsible as persons and as a people.

    those are very kind words for d. boon, thank you much.

    on bass, watt