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Timing Issues...

Discussion in 'Technique [BG]' started by x_FireInside_x, Dec 13, 2001.

  1. x_FireInside_x


    Dec 13, 2001
    Ok. First off I have been playing bass since I was 15 and Im 20 now so this is very embarassing. I have mostly played in punk bands that were very basic. Mostly the bass fallowed the guitar and occasionally a few fills here and there. But now I am in a more hardcore band where I slap more do more fills and play with the drums mostly. This is all fine while my guitarist plays but once he goes into a lead we screw it all up. I cant keep the timing worth crap. After palying for 5 years you figure I would know some thing as important as that especially being a bassist. I recently got a metronome but I dont underdstand how to play along with it. (Jesus christ!) Someone please help me before I kill myself:)

    ps. why cant I use profanity? Just little words like edit - you don't get it, do you? NO PROFANITY..... mod
  2. i have the same problem. i learned originally from a guitarist, so my main goal was to keep up with him. so being a beginner, i sped up and slowed down and i just strained to be on time with him. when i entered my first band with a drummer, i was totally off, and better yet i had to stare at the guitarist the whole time. iv'e now been playing for over a year, i have many things to learn, and iv'e gotten better on keeping time. i found that jamming with a drummer helps. i also focused on the drums more in the music i listen to, and that helped. goodluck!

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