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Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Duff_Man182, Sep 18, 2001.

  1. Duff_Man182

    Duff_Man182 Guest

    Jul 28, 2001
    Miami,Fl USA
    i see a lot of stuff about justin chancellor and kud but i see no stuff about timmy c from RATM. what's every1 think of him?
  2. Timmy is a great bassist, I really like him.
    Plus I think you're talking about Ryknow, Kud is the vocalist of Mudvayne.
  3. CaracasBass


    Jun 16, 2001
    Madrid, Spain
    Tim.com is one of the best rock bass players, thanx to him I started to play with overdrive in some of my original songs........
  4. Dave Castelo

    Dave Castelo

    Apr 19, 2000
    tim is great

    i recommend to all bass newbies to learn the entire self titled RATM album... is easy yet cool!
  5. melvin

    melvin Guest

    Apr 28, 2001
    Yeah tim rocks. His line in "People of the Sun" is awesome.
  6. Nice use of overdrive and compression, I thought he got some good sounds and he really inspired me to start using overdrive to cut through.
  7. Komakino

    Komakino Guest

    Feb 23, 2001
    Somerset, England
    I liked that songbird thing he did.

    Oh wait, sorry, I thought you said Kenny G ;)
  8. bobaweeka

    bobaweeka Guest

    Jan 2, 2001
    Lotsa people think that Evil Empire was a bad RATM cd, but I love it. Fun basslines that are relatively simple.
  9. He's actually the bassist that inspired me to start playing. Great tone, and some really fun slap/pop lines.
  10. jcranny

    jcranny Guest

    Jun 5, 2001
    How does he get that sound on the intro to Calm Like A Bomb?:confused:
  11. jcranny

    jcranny Guest

    Jun 5, 2001
    btw what does mia mean?!?!:confused:
  12. Duff_Man182

    Duff_Man182 Guest

    Jul 28, 2001
    Miami,Fl USA
    Made In America
  13. arther daily

    arther daily Guest

    May 3, 2000
    Reading, UK
    took me a while to get TimmyC his style is very simple... but effective.

    Personally I think Renegades is the best album they ever did and it's by far their best album for bass parts.
  14. Murtz

    Murtz Guest

    Jun 27, 2001
    Mmm what sound u mean on Calm like a Bomb?
  15. Dave Castelo

    Dave Castelo

    Apr 19, 2000
    he´s using nothing! (maybe a compressor)
  16. basstastic

    basstastic Guest

    Sep 3, 2001
    Run far run fast
    Mr C also inspired me to play, and his bass lines are great. Specially love Know Your Enemy, the chords, ahh the chords. BRILLIANT.

    In calm like a bomb you might want to play your right hand further up the fret board, it sounds pretty close when i do that. (Having a Jazz Bass also helps i suppose). Evil Empire is by far and away their weakest album. RATM and Battle of LA are their best in my opinion, but then again I'm smarter than the average bear.
  17. JoBo-86

    JoBo-86 Guest

    I thought mia meant missing in action? :confused:
  18. no no no, you're both wrong it stands for Miami International Airport.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. bobaweeka

    bobaweeka Guest

    Jan 2, 2001
    I never said it was their best, but I like it. The self-titled is the best IMO.