Tinnitus and EarPlugs

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    Sep 7, 2016
    Hello, Name is the Kahn Nurive! I am 18 years old
    I have had tinnitus for 2 years, training in boxing and got hit on my left ear, now i have it in both ears with hearing loss.
    although the tinnitus I am a amateur musician after tinnitus I have been in very loudly environment for singing at wedding, night club, and again night club for singing. without ear plugs and it dosent change my T is the same just after the peformance when i got at home My T was really loud than it was then it get how it was before.although doktor said that you have to wear ear plugs for anything you do which is relevant with your ears like swimming to be at concert, festival etc. I have my own dream with music in the future. I havent been
    at a loudly environment for a long time now eventually i have to buy ear plugs but I have no idea what kind of Should I buy? I've read, there is some ear plugs for musician you can hear all sound normally when they are in your ears like (To reduce the level of sound) with ear plugs is it true is there ear plugs like this??? please just tell me which ear plugs should I buy? I am afraid of wrong decisions can get my T worse. I have never used ear plugs before.so I need ear plugs where i can wear them to protect my ears from loud noise when i will at concert or wedding.
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  2. You definitely need earplugs so your hearing doesn't get worse. You can go deaf.

    Which kind? Best to visit your doctor and get a set custom made with different inserts for different noise reduction needs - but the cheap solution is to get something like Hearos for $15-20.

    The foam ear plugs you stick in your ear are better than nothing but make everything muffled. The ear filters by brands like Hearos still allow you to hear a whisper and you can still enjoy music.

    Unfortunately, once ear damage is done, you're stuck with it for life.
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    There are several companies that make good ear plugs for musicians. As a 35+ year bass player who toured before there were inner ear monitors and well before companies were making professional grade plugs, my ears never stop ringing.

    I would recommend you go to your local audiologist and have professional ones made. They are not cheap. You will spend between $180 to $300 (USD), but you will not regret it and you also have them for a long, long time. The most popular brand is Westone. You can look them up on Google. I use ACS Custom, out of NYC. The key is to get at least one good pair and keep them with you at all times. If your tinnitus is as bad as you say, you need the "cans" to be the highest level of -dB. As a bass player, you will actually enjoy that because you will be able to hear your bass a bit better once the highest piercing treble is gone.

    If you want to learn more about the specific brands or what people say, go to www.tinnitustalk.com. Lots of good info and discussion there.
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    Everybody in my band wears these. Saving your hearing is worth $300.
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    After years of gigging without earplugs I developed some persistent yet mild ringing. If there is ambient noise in the room (air blowing from AC, buzzing from light etc.) its not noticeable. At night to fall asleep I play music at a low level to mask the ring.

    As for gigs, only on the lowest level gigs do I choose not to wear plugs. I use the drugstore cheap ones. Some complain they reduce noise too much. I disagree. I like what they do to drums (particular cymbals and snare), guitars and vocals. I find it also helps my vocals. Its easier to hear yourself sing with plugs in. Thanks to plugs I rarely suffer noise hangovers. Hopefully they'll protect and help preserve my hearing far into the future.
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    Sep 7, 2016
    I live in Georgia where you cant get custom ear plugs for your ears so i have to buy a ear plugs online
    I am Vocalist in a band i just need ear plug and i have no idea which ones should i buy i dont know really
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    Sep 7, 2016
    Guys I live in georgia where you cant get custom ear plugs for your ears i just can buy online it please help me which one can i buy online what about earasers hi fi earplugs for musician but i dont know if it can be use for tinnitus suffers
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    Sep 7, 2016
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    I have some DownBeats that are basically a shorter version of the er20. I chose them because they're lower profile than the er20's. I can play with them and still hear the bass, which is my main goal.
  11. Get these Hearos. I've tried a few different pairs over the years, and these are really good for still hearing all the frequencies. And they are like $20 or so - no brainer. Amazon or Musicians Friend or available at Guitar Center and possibly even a small independent guitar shop.
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    EARasers Introduces Instant Fit Musicians Earplugs | 2013-09-11 | Premier Guitar

    Westone TRU Universal TRU25

    If all you can get is generic/universal, then these two would be my choice. EARasers I have tried at NAMM and they seemed pretty good, and the Westone plugs are industry standard. They are both about US $50, but you do get what you pay for. If you pay more you do get better plugs. Just the way it works.

    I do know that there are some companies out there that make kits for custom plugs for shooting guns, but they definitely will not be meant for singers.

    I would suggest you email my friends at ACS Custom and tell them where you live, and see if there is a way for you to get maybe a kit to do a in-home impression.

    Hope that helps.
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    Sep 7, 2016
    No i think impression is dangerous what they say i prefer normal ear plugs im interested that earasers can be used for tinnitus sufferers ? am afraid it dosent get worse to my tinnitus i liked earasers ear plugs but has anyone experience with those???
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    First, impressions aren't dangerous at all when done by audiologists. But having said that, Earasers are specialized earplugs like all the rest. They work, and reduce the overall noise level by approximately the levels they say. But understand this, even with earplugs, if the noise around you is 140 dB, a reduction of 25dB in theory still puts the level of sound at a very high level. My personal experience is that my ears ring a lot less when I use plugs, even at ridiculous levels. Understand that there really isn't any special or magic plug if you have tinnitus. Only that if you have it, you better use plugs or it will get worse. I have incredible tinnitus, with constant ringing, which at times without any noise goes loud. I am from the old NYC punk days, when it was loud and fast and they really didn't have our tell you to use protection.

    I tried them out at NAMM 2015, and they were more comfortable for my ears then the ones like Westone or Etymotic, but not any more or less better. I would say go for it. $50 USD is nothing for good plugs. And, even if you find they aren't perfect for you, it isn't wasted money in my opinion.
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    Sep 7, 2016
    you are right which one is costs 50$ earasers or westone ? give me please link where can i buy it online