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Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by BigBeatNut, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. BigBeatNut


    Apr 10, 2006
    London, UK
    Somewhat inspired by the one-knob pedals thread I'd like to know more about what tiny pedals there are available, and how useful bassists are finding them (seeing as most pedals are targeted at guitar players).

    I have just one of these right now, an SFXsound B[SUP]3[/SUP] and I love it quite apart from it's size. Lovely warm-up pedal.


    I'd love to have a complete pedal-board at this size (comp, octaver, valve emulation, EQ, tuner, maybe envelope filter) but not all the parts are there yet. Things are looking interesting though.

    Things I've discovered but not tried:

    Malekko have comp and e. filter amongst others.

    Mythfx have amongst other things the "Infinium" which is a Filter/ring mod/delay (but not all simultaneously.)

    Daniel Zink seems to build custom pedals in the 1590a format (scroll to bottom).

    Lovepedal have their mini line.

    SFXsound has a range that includes distortion, overdrive, eq and fuzz in the 1590a format that are mostly untried by me so far.

    What have you found ? Which ones do you like ?

  2. BigBeatNut


    Apr 10, 2006
    London, UK
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  3. [​IMG]

    This guy from xotic effects. Great clean-with-character-boost I use at the very end of my chain for about 2 db boost. It makes everything "go to 11" when I need just a little bit more.

    EP Booster
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  4. seedokebass


    Mar 21, 2009
    A tuner and octave pedal in that casing would be on my board ASAP!

    BigBeat, in what way do you use the SFXsound B3? Passive basses/secondary tone?
  5. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    Are you aware of any GOOD sounding distortion/OD pedals with one knob?

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    I'm still flirting with the wayfarer OD...but being able to compare it with a few others would certainly not hurt.
  6. Let me know if I've missed any; I know there are some new Micro Pedals out there and I'd like to update my list.



    REDesign (Canadian!)
    BC Buzz (silicon modern sound)
    FBL (bypass & feedbacklooper)
    GE Boost (germanium)
    GE Fuzz (dual NPN germanium)
    Micro Boost
    Micro Buffer (no switch, always on, helps w/ 3-4 pedals/long cables)
    Micro Buzz (based on Jordan Bosstone)
    Micro Mite (based on Mosrite Fuzzrite)
    RED Head (A/B switcher)

    Sonic Crayon (Canuckagin)
    DIY Jawari build (fuzz)

    Malekko Omicron
    Analog Chorus
    analog Phaser
    -- Chicklet reverb
    Fuzz germanium
    E.Filter envelope filter
    A.D attack decay

    Catalinbread (custom shop, probably other models out there) Portland OR
    -- Octopus Magus (Octave)
    Valcoder (repeat percussion tremolo)
    Serrano Picoso (30db boost/buffer; Coral Picoso (same, but hand painted)
    Fuzz Tone Engine
    Hyper Pak (adds a "dirty channel" to single ch amp, sensitive to guit vol knob)
    V8 Fuzz Tone Generator
    Phaeton Phase Shifter

    Love Pedal
    Echo Baby
    Pickle Vibe
    Line Driver Mini Buffer
    Babyface Tremolo

    Micro Thumpinator (bandwidth optimiser)
    -- Micro Fuzz (bassversion)
    Ultra Tone
    -- Micro EQ
    Micro Red Dragon
    Micro Black Dragon x2 (1 for bass, 1 for guitar)
    Micro Boost
    -- Micro Mite (mosrite fuzzrite based)
    B3 Big Beautiful Bass - shape-shifter of tone
    Micro H - headphone amp
    Micro Cab - cab simulator
    Split - signal splitter
    Mix - signal merger
    SP2 - 2 channel preamp

    -- EP Booster (Echo Plex pre)

    BMC Bass Mid Control (concentric sweep/boost)
    LBD Little Brute Drive (one-knob OD/Dist)

    More Louder (pink breast cancer, teal new)
    Never Off Mini Pedals (no footswitch, to be used in loopers)
    Louder (1 knob - Boost)
    Scream (3 knob - Drive, Tone, Level)
    Scruzz (3 knob - Drive, Fuzz, Level)
    Twirl (3 knob

    MFE -- Mini Fixed Expression Pedal

    Minotaur Distortion
    Midas Clean Boost
    Triton Modulation w/ Reverb

    GruVin Arts & Engineering
    Mako Switch - FX loop switcher
    Pico Switch - A/B switch

    Sun Machine Effects
    Reptile Fuzz - darker Fuzz face circuit

    Geek Ranger

    Effector 13 Artifact series (truly micro?)
    Crystal Clear Boost
    Passive Vol control
    Short Decay Fuzz
    Clipping Boost

    Guyatone Micro Series
    Cool Booster
    Hot Drive
    Micro Chorus
    Micro Digital Delay
    Micro Octaver
    Micro Tuner
    Sonic Shaper
    Slow Volume
    The Fuzz
    Vintage Tremolo
    WAH Rocker, + bottom wah rocker
    Bottom Blaster
    Bottom Eq ualiser

    Devi Ever several fuzz/distortions/boosts (Tough to tell from pics online which are 1590a, Lemmy Know!)
    Torn's Peaker
    90 ?
    OK ?
    Karaoke Party ?
    Electric Brown ?
    Noise Floor ?
    Hound's Tooth ?
    Ruby ?

    Cheese Block FX
    - OD/DIst
    - Small Wonder boost

    Mellow Tone
    - Hi Five OD

    Echo Echo Echo
    One Way OverDrive

    El Musico Loco
    Wee Beaver fuzz
    Dinky Dong booster

    DANIEL ZINK .com
    1590 series (12 pedals)
    Micro Delay - PT2399-based Delay
    Easy Drive - dist/OD
    Mini Phaser
    Micro Rinzai Drive
    Micro Rust(y) Driver
    Bit O' Honey
    Micro DOD 250 OD Preamp
    Micro "E" Klone OD
    1590'd Orange Squeezer Compressor
    .50 Drive
    Crackle Boost
    100 Drive (Crackle Boost with .50 Drive character)
    Micro YATS/CJOD Lite
    BC108 Silicon Fuzz
    Pushme Pullyou Octave Drive
    Dirty Boots - germanium Booster/OD
    NPN germanium RangeBlaster w/fat switch
    Micro LoFoMoFo
    BYOC Confidence Booster
    Buffer - germ buffer w/board from www.muzique.com
    True Bypass Looper

    PolyTune Mini

    Mooer Audio
    Black Secret - Distortion
    Hustle Drive - Distortion
    Green Mile - OD
    Ensemble King - Chorus
  7. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    Which of the Dist/OD7Fuzz boxes on this list would you recommend(provided you've used them, of course)?
  8. BigBeatNut


    Apr 10, 2006
    London, UK
    With active basses.

    These days I don't use my '79 P much at all live, I use active 5's, Lakland and Status. The one thing I miss about the P is the really deep cut of the passive tone control ... the B[SUP]3[/SUP] was purchased to give me back that cut, and it does that brilliantly. More recently I've discovered I like the sound of the scoop on it's own, or mixed with a much less extreme treble roll-off.

  9. BigBeatNut


    Apr 10, 2006
    London, UK
    Impressive list, FF. That'll keep me googling for some time :)

  10. BigBeatNut


    Apr 10, 2006
    London, UK
    Not sure I understand the purpose of boosters for bass ... is this to drive your valve amp further into distortion ? Or does the 'character' come from the pedal itself, in terms of manipulating the EQ or giving mild valve character ?

    EDIT: From reading the web page, looks like it's a bit of both, but I'm interested to know how you perceive it.

  11. BigBeatNut


    Apr 10, 2006
    London, UK
    Duplicate post, sorry.
  12. It's a list. I make lists. I haven't tried all of them, barely even some of them, as I'm not rich. If I win the lottery, then I'll buy them all, but even then... taste is subjective. ;)

    Thanks. I'd love to put together a Pedal Train Nano (about 5 1590A pedals?) board with the essentials, maybe a Pedal Train Mini (about 12-15 1590A pedals), but even then...

    1) Filter phaser/wah:
    malekko omicron phaser;
    Love Pedal Pickle Vibe
    Chi Wah Wah – not 1590A, but in the spirit of Micro

    2) Compressor

    3) OD & Distortion:
    RedDesign BC Buzz,
    RedDesign Micro Buzz
    RedDesign Micro Mite
    Sonic Crayon Jawari,
    SFX MicroFuzzbass,
    XOTic EP Booster

    4) EQ (+ speaker sims)
    SFX Micro EQ or Ultratone

    5) Pitch: harmonisers, vibrato, benders, octavers
    Omicron Vibrato
    Catalinbread Octopus Magus

    6) Modulation: flangers, chorus
    Omicron Chorus

    7) Level controllers: noise gates, limiters, volume pedals, tremolo & panning
    Catalinbread Valcoder
    Lovepedal Babyface Trem

    8) Echo: Delay, reverb
    LovePedal Echo Baby
    Omicron Chicklet

    9) Miscellaneous
    RedDesign FBL,
    RedHead AB switcher

    Every one needs a TUNER! Here's my 1590A tuner idea: Put an N-Tune tuner around a stomp switch in a 1590A with some extra LEDs wired in so you can see the tuning situation from six feet away, built-in is a clean always-on buffer/line driver, stomp switch is to mute/tune of course.

    Ahh what the hell, need a CUSACK PEDAL BOARD TAMER (6 or 9 loop version) for the Cusack always-on pedals...

    There is no "off" switch in my mind *sigh* :meh:
  13. BigBeatNut


    Apr 10, 2006
    London, UK
    More discoveries:

    nicofx do a couple of 1590a-size distortions

    elmusicoloco do a boost and a fuzz (with big muff tone circuit) in the right format.

    ... and if you want to find out how the DIYers get electronics into boxes that size, check out diystompboxes

    Sadly, no idea if any of these are good for bass.
  14. Two more companies to add to your list:

    Albit from Japan. Tiny bass mid control pedals

    Modtone has a new mini series.
  15. BigBeatNut


    Apr 10, 2006
    London, UK
    Thanks, they seem to be doing a few more now, including distortions and a fet pre-amp.


    They are indeed tiny, and they are claimed to be suitable for both guitar and bass (thank you, google translate).
  16. BigBeatNut


    Apr 10, 2006
    London, UK
    Thanks, here's an idea of the size/shape.


    I couldn't see any indication about whether they were suitable for bass.
  17. BigBeatNut


    Apr 10, 2006
    London, UK
    Looks like I'm mostly on my own for figuring out which of these work well for bass then. :/

    Well, there's an obvious choice for compressor (Malekko) until a 3-knob comp comes along in this format.

    For Filters, looks like the choice is Malekko (offering control over range and frequency) and the MythFX infinium (offering Q and frequency(?) along with level and blend).

    For Tuner, I guess the Pitch Black is the smallest thing out there.

    For overdrive/distortion, lots of choice, but I may go SFX since he's local.

    I'd still like to hear from anyone else using pedals in this format.

  18. I use it just as a boost, last thing in my chain. When the band gets excited and everything gets loud, say towards the peak of a guitar solo, with the piano player banging octaves in the low end, I'll click this on just to stay present. Not even our sound man notices, it's probably only adding 2 - 3 db to my level. I set it so full CCW is 0 db boost, and for "flat" response. It has two dip switches inside. The default is for full CCW to be +3 db and for flat response. The "non-flat" response is a faithful copy of exactly how the Echo Plex's front end sounded.

    I don't use it much for the character per se, but it's nice that is not only boosts overall output, but a bit of low mids and some highs- or maybe it's just adding a bit of harmonic content. The character is subtle, but it is not entirely clean.

    It would be great for tube amp users to hit the front end with more gain, but that's not how I use it (I don't play a tube amp).

    A number of guitarists use it as an "always on" signal enhancer.
  19. G.Bisson

    G.Bisson Supporting Member

    Feb 26, 2009
    I've tried Malekko TREM and PHASE omnicron pedals. Wouldn't recommend either for bass. They had very limited headroom and would distort easily.
  20. Smurf-o-Deth

    Smurf-o-Deth The best metal for bass Supporting Member

    Oct 2, 2007
    The state of denial.
    Seems to be the general story--I've yet to hear much, if any, positive word of mouth on the omicron line for bass applications.
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