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Tip of the headstock Protector???

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by 8vabasso, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. 8vabasso


    Jun 13, 2010
    I am always forgeting how far to the left I extend when earing my axe and tend to bang, jam, stab, etc. the end of the headstock into walls, people, animals, etc. Does anyone have an idea, or design, or know of something I can put on the tip to keep it from chipping away. I have a new bass and would like to try to keep it looking nice. Thanks
  2. I saw a gui**** player once with a rubber Toucan beak on his Strat headstock. He looked like a total dork.

    You could slice a tennis ball and stick it on there, kind of like how my grandpa has on his walker tips.:D
  3. lowphatbass

    lowphatbass **** Supporting Member

    Feb 25, 2005
    west coast
    Learning not to bump into stuff is one of those primary skills that should develop quickly and naturally due to the desire to not damage your bass or other objects/people around you.
  4. 8vabasso


    Jun 13, 2010
    Howd you know I was as old as your grandfather?
  5. Stilettoprefer


    Nov 26, 2010
    Get a steinberger! No head to bang against walls!

    I have the same problem with my P bass, Except with floors. It's super neck heavy and I seem to forget about that constantly. I'll be standing there and put my hands down then hear a loud boom and feedback from my amp because the head of my bass just smacked the stage/floor.

    Also, the drummers ceiling has a good number of dents and gouges from the headstock of my Schecter:p

    I find it easiest to just live with the dents and dings:)

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