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Tips on buying a bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by DRN-PWNS, Mar 28, 2009.



    Sep 13, 2008
    Cochrane alberta
    Ever since i first started using forums my goal was to gather knowledge about one subject, from what i had read and from experience when i completely understand the topic i make a new thread about it to help other. as such I have written 4 topics on another forum that have all become "stickies"..

    So this is my $00.02 on buying a brand new bass.
    1. Know your budget: Know exactly how much money you can spend at the max.
    2.Play them all: Play every bass in the store that you can afford even the ones of the same make model and color, There can be great differences in tone, weight, playability, ect.
    3. amps: play the bass on an amp that represents what you play, it makes no sense to play a bass on a 10watt practice amp if you usually play on a 500 watt acoustic or line 6 set up.
    4. go on a quiet night so you can hear the tone the best and not get drowned out by the noise of other people playing.
    5. look for defects like sloppy neck pockets miss aligned strings warped necks ect.
    6. bargain see if you can get a free set of , strap-locks, or a lower price. Please not this usually only works when you are dealing directly with a store manager or owner.
    7. know when to leave. if the sales man pushed you into a purchase leave and let them know your money can be spent elsewhere.
    8. try buy it from the shop that gives you the best service, this shows you that they value you as a customer, were as some places could care less about your business *cough cough* guitar center*cough cough*
    9. commit

    my appologies if some one has already posted something like this
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