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tips on musicman cutlass 1985 (graphite neck) to be refretted

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by raulcheva, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. raulcheva


    Oct 21, 2002
    hello friends
    i´ll have to have my graphite neck musicman refretted very soon, due to heavy use and fret filing of my
    85 cutlass sunburst, wich i love!! and i´m afraid that the job is going to be different
    from the wooden necks.
    this is the email that i´ve just sent to modulus guitars. ( didn´t reply yet)
    can you help me with some advice for refretting? did it happen to you?
    best wishes from spain!!

    Dear sirs, i have a pre Ernie ball musicman bass that i´ve got brand new
    at new york in 1985.
    I´ve been told that at that time the neck was builded by your company ( modulus) on
    request of musicman , is that so?( some friend told me that modulus just shaped the necks, but musicman made de fretting job)
    my inquiry is because it´s steel frets are so worn out that probably i´ll
    have to refret it by a local repairman in spain ( wich i guess is surely
    not experienced on ebonite fretboards or stainless steel frets.). overseas
    jobs would be so expensive!!!
    Please, what are the main issues that i have to be aware of, regarding a good
    composite reffretting job ( ebonite behavior when defretting, steel fret
    management, fretboard finishing o sanding, fret glue-(epoxy)?, to heat or
    not to heat?-
    where can i find steel frets?
    thanks for your support, i´m very concerned about the caring of such a good