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ti's on a MIA Pbass

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Jbassrockboy, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. I ordered two sets of labella's last night and chatted with dealer today etc etc

    went home and thought, what the heck, I will get the P bass out of the case and restring with the last set of TI's,,,,

    I was ultimately frustrated with ti's on my jazz bass....

    But why is it, or is it just my imagination, that TI's somehow sound better on my P bass as compared my J bass....

    I dont get it other than to my sense of satisfaction as a player its like they are a completely different string on the p bass as compared on the jazz....

    Is anyone else out there in TB world of similar experience..??

    Aside from that it is expensive trial and error, but it is interesting to see the differences....

  2. AlarmClock314


    Mar 26, 2007
    Southern WI
    Maybe to your ear the mid-emphasis of the TI's are complimentary to the mid-focus of your P? When it comes to the traditional mid scoop of a J and mid bump of a P, some players like to compensate for the difference and others like to emphasize it. Either way, glad you like your combination.
  3. Thanks and that is really interesting to know...i didn't think about it in those terms..

    I can be a bit narrow minded at times and ti's by virtue of definition as 'ti jazz' meant good for jazz to my mind

    So I didn't even think about stringing On a p.. Stupid as that sounds but it was where I was at

    But I have at least started to try different things and I figured rather than just leave the ti's in the packet may as well try them on the P and nothing lost

    Early days yet but as I posted above my initial sense is wow, what a good combination.... I never felt that with the j bass... It was like I just persisted but couldn't get happy and then gave up on them....