To all Divorcee's

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  2. :bag:Oh, how I love that one...
  3. ...y'know, as a newly seperated and on the way to divorced guy, I am going to go against the flow here: Not funny at all.


    ...I don't wish any ill will toward my soon to be ex, I just wish her to go away and leave me to my life. Within reason (I still see my step son once a week, so I see her), she is doing just that, so there is no animosity.

    Maybe I'm lucky...but even if she were being a...hmm...yeah, the word after "Merry Christmas...." in that video, I still would not wish her any ill will, just to be left in peace so I can move on and find some kind of happiness (and her too, hopefully).

    It's sad when people who cared about each other end up with that much anger and animosity...
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    been there myself and have had the same thoughts Gard ol' buddy. You're not alone.
  7. ...continuing on:

    If you channel all the energy that is wasted on anger in a situation like that into something POSITIVE, everyone will come out ahead - starting with YOURSELF.

    However, I will share a funny about my situation:

    My ex has TWO ex's (yeah, I know, I shoulda known better! :bag: ), and I'm actually on good terms with both.

    During this mess, there was a period of many weeks where I spoke to neither of these gentlemen. In the past week, I've had the opportunity to speak to them both at length, and in that time, due to the fact that I am close to children that each is a father of, I felt the need to explain my side of the situation.

    In BOTH cases, each stopped me after a moment of my trying to explain myself and said essentially the same thing:

    "You don't need to explain anything, I was married to her too."



    ...yeah, she's nuts.

    However, she's a sweet person who MEANS well, she just has so many issues that as my totally nuts sister would say, "that girl don't have issues, she has SUBSCRIPTIONS!"

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    LMAO, good one!
    Mine was pretty severely bipolar. I could say the same exact thing - when "stable" she was fine. Very friendly, outgoing and well-liked but when she would "lose it"? Ugh, I don't even want to talk about it.
  9. Laughing at a joke like that does not mean I wish anything bad on my ex-wife, it just means I laughed my butt off when I watched the video. Seriously, I loved the woman enough to marry her... And no matter how old I get I will always laugh at a good divorce joke.
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    Mar 27, 2002
    I get along really well with my ex and I still think the video is funny. :)
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    I'm separated and on my way to an amicable divorce.... so + eleventy-'leven on Gard's comments.

    And you know, somehow I only feel a teeny tiny bit guilty for LOLing.
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    I'm divorced, and I LOLd.
    +1 now if I could just stop myself... :scowl:
  13. OK, I admit was kind of funny, in a mean-spirited way...and yes, I laughed a bit...but the sentiment behind it still bugs me as well, so like Geoff, I'm a teeny bit guilty about laughing at it...