To All the Amps I've Loved Before... (Pictoral Amp History)

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  1. ::::BASSIST::::

    ::::BASSIST:::: Progress Not Perfection.

    Sep 2, 2004
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    Here are all the amps I've owned since I started playing bass in August 2004.

    I added a short description of why I moved on.

    These are listed in the order that I owned them... more or less.

    Behringer BX1200. I actually really liked the tone from this amp, but it died after 3 hours TOTAL use. Luckily the shop refunded my $300 since I only had it for two weeks.

    Ashdown Electric Blue 15-180 Combo. I liked this one too, but this is about the time I turned into a 'weight weenie' and wanted something lighter.

    SWR Studio 220. Shouldnt have sold this one. Great sounding amp and very versatile. Not the greatest power section though. Thanks for the pic 'eshears'!

    Acoustic Image Clarus Series 1. I had this one for awhile. I found it a little sterile and didn't like the EQ.

    I absolutely loved this amp! Being a power amp only I tried many different small sized pres infront of it. Check my profile for a list. Ultimately, I tired of dealing with all the wiring hassle and never was truly satisfied with any of the pres I tried.

    Eden WT-405. I loved this amp too. Unfortunately, my toddler decided it would be a good idea to pull it down off the cab and it broke. I tried 3 times to get it fixed, but it was never the same after that fall. Luckily my son was okay.

    Carvin B800. Loved the sound and preamp of this unit, but felt it was quite underpowered. My Eden 405 was ALOT louder, even though it was 100w less.

    Carvin BX1200. Loved this amp, but I was pretty spoiled by my micro amps and I rarely used this amp because of the weight. The amount of features was just wasted on me. If the b800 had the power of the bx1200 I'd be in heaven. Yes, I know about the b1500, but its just too heavy for my taste. I really dont need that much power anyway. Can't deny the power was nice though. That said, I probably should have kept this amp, but I just don't need to own three amps.

    MarkBass LittleMark II. Absolutely love this amp. I still own it and I just can't imagine selling it. I'd get seller's remorse for sure.

    Drum roll please...

    Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0. This is my favourite amp of all time. Excellent tone, excellent features... what else can I say?

    Hope you enjoyed my little stroll down memory lane. I'm sure I've lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars buying and selling all these amps. I guess I am a bit of a tone junkie. Funny thing is in all this time I've only had two main basses (I have others but they rarely see playing time and never gigs). The first was my Fender Geddy Jazz and my current is my Warmoth / Fender P. Its weird how I can get so obsessed with amps, but I'm when it comes to basses I'm easily satisfied with a Fender.

    Maybe others want to share their pictoral amp history?

    Edit: I have now gone back to my LMII as my first call amp. It just does what I need in my current band, better. That is, *clean* power.
  2. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003
    Interesting review.


    This was the first, back in 1972. $50. Guitar amp, but where I lived, you had to go many miles to find a music store.

    Next up was a Sunn Studio Bass. 50 watts and 1-15 combo. It was good.


    Next was a Fender Super Bassman that looked like this head. It was really good. Ran it through an Acoustic cab with 1-18". It wasn't the 301 cab. It was a front loaded 1-18 cab. Sold that setup to the brother of the bass player in Mahoganny Rush (really dating myself).


    Great warm amp. Sold it because I mkoved to the high arctic and bought this:


    Great practice amp.

    Next up came this:

    That was outstanding. I ran that head as a premap with no cab for about five years. Excellent. Never let me down. Sold it when I left Canada. Great head. Evenmtually ran it through a custom made 1-15 cab with a JBL140.

    Next up:


    What a great amp. Bought it without trying it as I was in the Middle East with no chance of trying one out. BOught it on the basis of the Bass Player shootout. Great great amp. Should have kept it. But didn't.


    I don't think this model made it to North America. It's a early Markbass LittleMark F-1. Very pleased with it. I run it through this:


    And most recently, I bought this as a practice amp and have done 4-5 gigs with it. Very pleased:


    I never had the need for a big set up. As time went on, small became not only a reality for bass players, but a serious alternative to bigger set ups. Back when I was really into it, you needed a 100 watt amp and a 2-15 bottom. Today, you can replace that with smaller more powerful gear.

    One last thing BASSIST....I'll be in Vancouver in late august/early september. Any gigs in the lower mainland?
  3. #1 70's Fender Bassman Ten (50w tube 410 combo). Nice sound but way underpowered

    #2 70's Bassman 100 + 15" JBL K140. Bought the 100w because the guy in the shop said it would be twice as loud as the 50w. Upon investigating why it wasn't as loud as expected, found it produced a whopping 60 watts at onset of clipping. Gutless (but it was an awesome guitar amp).

    #3 Acoustic 450 170w + Etone 215 cab. First amp with seriously good sound, and quite loud for the time.

    #4 Roland preamp & power amp + 2 x JBL K145. Quite nice, but power amp kept blowing.

    #5 dbx163x (as preamp), TC electronic parametric EQ, Crown DC300 power amp, 2 x JBL K145. Great setup. Power amp eventually died of old age.

    #6 Trace Elliot 300w 115 combo - awful boxy sound - sold after first gig.

    #7 Eden Nemesis 210 combo - a whole new world of hifi clarity, and more extended lows than any of the 15s I'd had over the years. A reliable workhorse for 6 years.

    #8 (current rig) Eden WT330, 210XST, 112XLT - compact, clean, extended lows, the closest thing to playing my bass through good studio monitors.
  4. Steve Clark

    Steve Clark

    Jan 9, 2004
    London ON
    #1 Sonar - small beginners amp

    #2 Peavey Combo 300 - loud but heavy! Last combo I ever owned


    #3 Yamaha Pre and power amp. Not sure of model but too bulky

    #4 original GK RB800 sold and stopped playing in the early 90's


    #5 Hartke 3000 - didn't know enough about amps and ohms when I bought this on an ebay impulse buy.


    #6 iAMP800

    #7 EA Micro 300

    #8/9 Currently using an Epi 502 or a Markbass F1

    Interesting trip down memory lane.
  5. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003
    Switzerland could I forget???


    This head was just before the GK MB150. I used it on this:


    Now that was THE best sounding rig.
  6. 1.) Samick Practice Amp. Sucks (Still Own)

    2.) Yorkville Bassmaster 200.

    3.) Roland DB700

    4.) Ampeg SVT-3Pro (Stil Own)

    5.) Ampeg SVT-5Pro (Still Own)

    6.) Sansamp RBI Through Stewart World 1.6 (Still Own)
  7. eshears


    Jul 30, 2001
    Spokane, WA
    Is this it?

  8. Mitchthebassplayer


    Jan 7, 2008
    Queens, NY
    Endorsing Artist: Olinto, La Bella, JuleAmps, Epifani
    1) Hartke B30....still own

    2) GK 400RB-III....still own

    3) Fodera Model 2000 preamp w/ Stewart World 1.2 power amp

    4) switched to Trace Elliot GP11 preamp

    5) switched to Trace Elliot V-type tube preamp....still own

    6) switched to Carvin DCM1500 power amp....still own

    7) Trace Elliot V6

    and LOTS of cabs in between! GK, Epifani, Accugroove, in 10 years!
  9. eshears


    Jul 30, 2001
    Spokane, WA






  10. ::::BASSIST::::

    ::::BASSIST:::: Progress Not Perfection.

    Sep 2, 2004
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    Yeah, Dick Cash has a gig on Aug. 30th at The Main. Its actually a nice little place. Pretty nice decour. Love to have you come out!
  11. ::::BASSIST::::

    ::::BASSIST:::: Progress Not Perfection.

    Sep 2, 2004
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    Yes! Thanks.
  12. BassikLee

    BassikLee Commercial User

    Feb 13, 2004
    Starke, FL
    Owner: JLA Custom In Ear Monitors
    1 Old Decca combo amp guts, playing thru a 15" speaker I built a cab for.

    2 Peavey head, the one with the distortion channel, over a musicman cab

    3 acoutsic 150 head

    4 peavey mark 4 head

    5 Roland bass pre into CS400

    6 Peavey TNT 130 combo

    7 Polytone brute

    8 original VB4 head

    9 Seymour Duncan BASS 800 head

    10 Peavey Probass 1000 preamp- fender 2224 power amp

    11 Peavey TB raxx pre amp- Stewart PA1200 power amp

    12 Peavey MAX preamp

    13 SWR Studio 220 head

    14 Hartke 3500 head

    15 GK 800 head

    16 GK MB150 combo

    17 ART Nightbass pre

    18 Eden Navigator pre- QSC PLX3002, PL236, etc

    19 Carvin Probass head, older one

    20 Yorkville XS400

    21 Yorkville XS800

    22 AMP KD400

    23 Carvin BRX212 combo

    Some of the above is out of order, and I am sure there are more that will come to me. Been playing a while, 27 yrs.

  13. Don't have time to find stock photos of this stuff but here's my list:

    1. Fender Bassman 25 1x10 combo. Still have it and love it for shedding!
    2. Ashdown MAG300 head. Gone. First 'real' amp head.
    3. GK 700RBII head. Gone. All around good, solid, no nonsense head for all genres.
    4. Ampeg B328 2x8 combo. Pretty decent for practice at low-med volume. Will be gone soon, too heavy and lacking thump.
    5. SWR Baby Blue II combo - Love it, but might be gone due to...
    6. SWR Baby Blue Head - Same tone as combo minus 40lbs. Keeper!
    7. Markbass LMII - Hardly knew ya'! Had it for a week. Sold it to a friend who needed power for an outdoor gig ASAP.
    8. Genz Benz NeoPak 3.5 - Probably a keeper. Goes down to 2ohms and can run my 4 8ohm cabs (2x10 and 3 1x12)off it!
  14. Webtroll

    Webtroll Rolling for initiative

    Apr 23, 2006
    Austin, TX
    I'll try to keep the order and details straight but it's been may years and I've slept along the way:

    I used to run a Peavey Reknown into a Peavey 2X18/2X10 cab (transition from guitarist to bassist)
    Ditched Reknown aquired Acoustic 320 (I think that was the model)
    Ditched 2X18/2X10 cab for single Peavey 18
    Bought a Road 2X15, don't remember what happened to it
    Swapped the Peavey and Acoustic for a Trace Elliot head (350?) and 2 4X10 Genz Benz cabs
    Bought a Yamaha triad type cab, loaned it to a friend, lost it
    Bought an SWR 200W head, not enough power, hard to dial tone
    Bought a 1000W power amp, still not happy with SWR head
    Sold SWR head and power amp, broke even, happy
    Switched to a SVT head and 8X10 cab, very happy with tone, but way to heavy
    Ditched the cab for 2 2X15 (baby SVTs with JBLs)
    One sold one stolen cab later and bought a SWR Workingman's 2X12
    Bought a GK 400RB, forgot what happened to it
    Switched SWR WM 2X12 for SWR 2X10
    Bought ADA MB-1, modified it
    Bought a Tech21 RBI
    Bought Ampeg single shannel solid state power amp
    Bought a SWR 4X8 to move more air
    Bought a Crown XTi 2000 for the power (from 200W to 2000W SS)
    Ditched SVT after pinching a nerve moving it
    Bought an Ampeg SVP-CL, happy again
    Bought a LBS 1X10 for the portability

    Other gear that I owned and haven't listed is due to me not having it long or forgetting about it. Terms Switched and Swapped used loosely, not direct trades. Currently I have 4 cabs, 3 preamps, 2 power amps, and no heads or bass combos (Boogie .22 doesn't count!).
  15. Just pre/power selections:

    1. ) early 70s Ampeg B-15n
    2a.) 1983 Carvin PB-300
    2b.) same Carvin PB-300 with highs covered by an integrated 100 watt poweramp in a 4x12" cab.
    3. ) Roland BN-100
    4. ) AMP BH-250
    5. ) Yamaha 100 watt 1x15" combo (worst amp EVER!)
    6. ) Ashdown MAG series kickback style 1x12" combo
    7. ) Sunn Sceptre
    8. ) another Ashdown Mag 1x12" combo
    9. ) Yamaha PB-1 pre into Crown CE1000
    10.) Peavey Classic 400
    11.) another AMP BH-250
  16. RickenBoogie


    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    I could never compile this list accurately, as too much time has passed between my old playing days, and my recent re-launch, but here's a few I can remember:
    GK400RB/Fender BXR Spectrum
    Crate BXL160/Crate 15" ext.
    Ampeg BA500/Svt18 ext.
    SWR Workingman's 12 (kinda miss this one, would make a killer keyboard amp)
    Peavey TKO 65
    Fender Bassman 100(old, all tube)/Bassman 4x12 (blew this one up during a high school preamp expiriment)
  17. Lammchop93

    Lammchop93 Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2007
    Louisville, KY
    Peaveycombo115.gif -still have it, but I'm trying to sell it.
  18. GrooveWarrior

    GrooveWarrior Supporting Member

    This should be fun.

    #1 Peavey TKO 65


    I had that amp for 5 or 6 years, and it served me well.

    #2 GK MB150E powering a Carvin 410 biamped with a Trace Elliot GP7SM feeding a MosValve TubeWorks Power Amp by Hafler powering a Carvin 115.


    This thing was just a little too much overkill, and really didn't sound that great. (I attribute that to the cabinets.)

    #3 ADA MB1 feeding a Carvin DCM600 power amp powering the above mentioned cabinets.


    #4 Eden Navigator feeding the Carvin DCM600 powering the above cabinets.

    #5 Eden Navigator feeding the Carvin DCM600 powering an Eden 210XLT.

    Got rid of this one the day I played through the next one!!!!!

    #6 Euphonic Audio iAmp350 feeding a Euphonic Audio CXL210.


    Wanted more power. The EA 500, 800, etc. had more power, but lacked the punch of the 350.

    #7 (and current) Phil Jones Bass Buddy feeding a Stewart World 1.2 powering the EA CXL210.


    This one is great. It very accurately amplifies my Warrior Signature 4. I have gotten more compliments on this amp and tone than anything I have ever had.
  19. ghiadub


    Jan 17, 2006
    Auburn, CA
    Here is my list starting about 1978;

    Honer small bass combo
    Sun Beta bass head >sunn 2x15" cab
    Peavey TNT combo
    Trace Elliot 15" bass combo
    SWR bass 350>avatar 2x10"+avatar 1x15" cabs
    Carvin red eye stack 1000watts 1x18" bottom and 4x10" top
    SWR bass 750 > Mesa 1x15" and Mesa 2x10" stack
    Mesa mpulse 600
    Ampeg SVT II > schroeder 310212 and schroeder 1210

    Mesa 12" walkabout combo - still use this sometimes in the combo sometimes with an avatar 212 or BE 210 deep
    GK 200MB combo - still use this

    also occasionally use my "custom made" 210 cab with a built in power amp ala Berg IP.

    I had a Markbass LMII but I felt the tone was not great and the watts were overated so I took it back in a week.:bag:
  20. X Wolf

    X Wolf Guest

    Sorry no pics but....If you click on my Profile, I have a list of all the amps I've used since 1960. All the ones I can remember that is!