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to Ampeg or not Ampeg

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by gdflash, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. gdflash


    Dec 12, 2002
    Philadelphia, PA
    I have been looking around for a nice compact head/cab set up, and have found a couple of ones that I like. I was hoping to get some feedback on the possibilities.
    First one I tried was a Hartke 400w head with a 2100 series 2x10 cab. Sounded nice and clear and punchy...but I just don't know that much about Hartke.
    Second, the Ampeg B2R and Ampeg classic 1x15 cab. Made the sounds I always knew my Jazz Bass could make, but I could never quite find. Pretty Damn cool...(btw, at the store they also had an Ampeg 8x10 cab...speaking of cool.....).
    Iguess the question becomes which will hold up better and make more overall sense...also, where to buy...I saw these amps at SamAsh and Guitar Center, respectively.
    And to answer the common clarifying question, I play in a rock band with some punk influence and a little jazzy jam flavor, and the American Jazz Bass is the only one I use.

    Thanks -
  2. godoze


    Oct 21, 2002
    You didn't mention GK. They make some sweet stuff - and it holds up. I've got a 400rbIII head that I've had for 15 years, plus one of their combos. Nice solid stuff IMO.
  3. Ampeg, definitely. But try to swing a 4x10 cab. Whichever, get a 4 ohm cab to fully utilize all the head's power.
  4. I tend to disagree to this point. If you get a 4 ohm'r, most lower level heads (read: not professional series) heads will not be stable below 4 ohms, which makes adding another cab an expensive proposition cuz you have to replace the one you already have withan 8 ohm'r.

    My suggestion: Get the most speakers you can afford (a 410, 610, 212, etc) at 8 ohms so if you need more in the future you just add another 8 ohm'r and you're done!
  5. Well, here's a guy who has mentioned looking at a single 15" cab. The head he's looking at puts out 200 watts at 8 ohms, or 350 watts at 4 ohms. Assuming he's only in the market for 1 cab, and seeing that 1 good cab is sufficient for 90% of us, I stand by my statement that a good 4-ohm 4x10 cab is the best way to go.

    Me, I use 2 8-ohm cabs for this head, but they're little 4x8 cabs, and I got 'em cheap!

  6. i meant no disrespect, Mark. Your suggestion was a valid one. I have known a few that have gone that route to only replace the 4 ohmer to add more cabs. If it works for you...I couldnt count how many folks told me that 12's are not for bass and that a 112'd never cut it;) 300+ shows and counting:p
  7. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    Ho-boy... Lotsa folks here will disagree with the 12" speaker thing... ;)

    You and Mark both have some valid points. But since the thread starter is talking about "small" rigs, I doubt there will be any additional cabs. So, he probably would be better off with a 4 ohm cab, IMO.
  8. Mike A

    Mike A

    Oct 3, 2002
    gdflash -
    I'm currently using the exact setup you described above:
    Ampeg B2R into an SVT-115e
    I absolutely love it. Only problem is that in my current band(s), with over 300W of combined geetar volume to compete with, I'm gonna bite the bullet and upgrade.

    What this means is that my B2R had just officially hit the market with under 10 hours of use on it. Email me if interested :).

  9. monkfill


    Jan 1, 2003
    Kansas City
    Get the SVT-810E 8x10. I just picked one up today. . . and it fits in the backseat of my Honda Civic :eek:

    I'm in a band with two guitarists and a keyboard player. I decided it was time to stop screwing around. . .
  10. gdflash


    Dec 12, 2002
    Philadelphia, PA
    Well, it certainly seems that the general consensus is to go for the Ampeg...which I was leaning towards anyway. I can only assume that of the two systems I mentioned that Ampeg would be the best mate for my Jazz bass.
    in the interests of completeness, however, does anyone know about the Hartke stuff? It was about the same money as the ampeg, and the 210 cab was very nice...both in tone and in size...and again, we generally play small clubs and bars, so even though it would be fantastic the 810 cab would probably be overkill...
    Also, Ampeg does offer 210 and 212 (I think) any sense in going for the little guys over the 410? And all the good things I think have been covered...anyone have any Ampeg horror stories?
    ----Thanks for all the great advice ----

    P.S. - I use a Fender Bassman 100 combo right now...tried the Bassman 400 head and Fender 115 cab and was sorely dissappointed...
  11. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    Re: The Ampeg 410, I really dig the HLF. It's a great sounding cab. It's also 4 ohms, so you can get the most out of your amp. It is heavy and large, but if you are willing to take the 810 then size doesn't seem to matter.
  12. gdflash


    Dec 12, 2002
    Philadelphia, PA
    Well, actually I would prefer something smaller than 410, but that was the most frequently mentioned cab...personally I would probably prefer a 115 or 210, 212 for reasons of portability. We share a club date with another band whose bassist was using my amp for literally 2 months because he couldn't transport his peavey 410 cab and firebass head to the gig. It just wouldn't fit in his or any of the other bandmember's cars. Also, our guitarist uses a 412 cab, and that thing is such a pain in the a** to deal with that I would really rather have a smaller set up as opposed to a larger one. I have used other guys rigs at shows, and it seems that for the types of places we play a 115 or 212 would be plenty...as long as the head is good;)
  13. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    Or how about:


    combined with


    Lighter, more portable, sounds great, inexpensive. But not as loud.
  14. If you want a new amp the ampegs are good i have the SVT3 Pro which i ran through the Ampeg 410he and 115he (that you tried). sounded good but were a pain in the ass to lug around. then about two weeks ago i was in a Daddy's junky music store and saw my dream cabs. FLITE cabs. i got a 410 and a 118 and they rock. The 410 handles 600 watts RMS!!!!and the 118 i think handles 400. They sound MUCH better than the ampegs much tighter and fuller. check out their site WWW.Flitesound.COM. and the best part about them the 410 weighs about 45 pound and the 18 is about 50 pounds. i play the ampeg svt3pro head with an original 1973 fender p-bass w/ flatwounds through em and i'm in groove heaven.
  15. monkfill


    Jan 1, 2003
    Kansas City
    Nah, that's what the volume knob is for ;)

    I've been looking at the 8x10, comparing it to my SWR 4x10. The 8x10 really isn't THAT big, when you get up close to it in person. . . its easier to move, since it basically has a built in dolly. The 4x10 is too big to carry around alone, so I either use a dolly or get someone to grab the other side. And its 4 feet tall, so it fits in the back seat of my car. The only real issue is weight, lifting the thing up on to the stage or *gasp* up a stairway. But for lifting on to a stage or into the car, you can tip and slide the 8x10. The 4x10 you have to lift.

    All this said, I'll get back to you after its first gig :D
  16. tim4003


    Apr 30, 2002
    Dawsonville , GA
    here's a great reason to choose the Ampeg B2R over the Hartke. Ampeg has a 5 year transferable warranty.
    Also, I agree with Mark. If you're SURE you only want one cab, by all means get a 4ohm.

    (I have the B2R & BSE-410H)
  17. cb56


    Jul 2, 2000
    Central Illinois

    The only difference between the B series heads and the pro series is TUBES in the pre amps. that's all/ The B series isn't a "lower or less profesional" amp. I do agree with the fact that if you eventually want to push two cabs get an 8 ohm cab to start so you can add another later. If one cab is enough get the 4 ohm version. But that would apply to all the Ampeg heads, pro series,classc series and B series.
  18. rockbassist1087

    rockbassist1087 Guest

    Nov 29, 2002
    Long Island, NY
    Ampeg definately. IMO Hartkes are not that great. The sound is not up to par IMO. Ampegs are awesome amps. Made well and sound great. They maybe alittle expensive so you might want to buy the Ampeg head and possibly look at Avatar speakers. These speakers are great and made very well also.
  19. flamer


    Oct 18, 2002
    swindon, england
    I'd agree with that last statement, i'm not really a hartke fan either, i bought a 400w hartke head earlier in the year which didn't really perform too well. I traded it up for an ashdown 500, which I play through a warwick 210 and an old laney 15" which kinda does the trick.

    Ampegs are way too expensive here in the uk, but if you can afford one, then go for it.

  20. erikwhitton

    erikwhitton Guest

    Sep 20, 2002
    Portland, ME USA
    i bought the SVT 3 Pro used for $550 and the SVT6x10 HLF and I am loving this rig. I also play a jazz bass. My favorite aspect is that my volume and presence is even no matter what string i am playing on or in what register on my bass. This aspect was missing in prior SWR and peavey rigs that i owned.

    the 6x10 HLF is an awesome cabinet. It's a great comprimise between the 4x10 or 8x10. I bought it b/c it fits perfectly in my honda accord so i can go wherever i need. the 8x10 would not fit.

    The 6x10 HLF is deeply ported and has some magnet mumbo-jumbo that i don't really pretend to understand - but people say that it has as much presence as an 8x10.

    i'm not sure i am convinced of that logic - but it's damn loud.

    and sounds so great.

    as far as hartke - my experience is limited. I have played them while my SWR was being repaired. I like the tone you can get - frankly i was very impressed by the tone. BUT - my buddy works at a hartke dealer and he says the certain components of these amps are made vey cheaply and they end up getting repaired a lot. that's an important factor for me - so i went ampeg and i have not looked back.

    i say go ampeg. find an old SVT head if you can - but the new ones sound great too. and the 6x10 is a great cab. BTW - i paid $700 for that brand new.


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