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  1. I’m playing in a covers band that is made up predominately of students from the local uni. We’ve had a couple of singers tell us that they can’t rehearse of commit to too many gigs because they don’t have time to fit it in around their studies.

    Is it just me or does it seem ridiculous that these guys are studying music, yet have not time to actually be musicians? I would have thought that gigging would be a major part of the course, or worth some extra credit or something…..

    Does this happen around all music schools or are these singers just making excuses not to commit to the band?
  2. Pilgrim

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    They may be practicing their actual music homework and performance rather than band stuff.
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    Apr 14, 2000
    Three musicians that I associate with ( 2 guitar players, one bass player), all graduated from Berklee College of Music. During most of the time they spent there, they didn't have much time to dedicate to being in a band. The curriculum was intense, and the homework could be brutal at times. Most of their free time was spent at part time jobs earning pocket cash just to get by.

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