To crossover or not

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  1. zoran


    May 10, 2002
    I have Aguilar gs410 cab which is great sounding cabinet but for bigger bottom end I borrowed 1x18" sub just to check how it sounds paired to 4x10". And i was surprised how much bottom end it added. But now my question is:

    To buy 1x18" sub with built-in crossover because I really want to send all signal in aguilar not just highs?

    Or, put active crossover in chain signal and find a sub without crossover and then send highs in aguilar 410 and lows to 1x18"

    I will running it with glockenklang preamp and QSC plx2402, and it's just for my personal monitoring.
  2. You will get a lot more volume and efficiency from your GS410 if you only run your mids and highs through it. I would stick a crossover between the Glockenlang and the QSC, run the QSC in stereo, and go from there. That will give you easier adjustability.
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    A crossover might make things a bit better, but don't go too high. I wouldn't go higher than 150 Hz. This is a case where a gradual slope, 6 or 12dB, would work better than the typical 18 and 24dB used for PA.
  4. nysbob


    Sep 14, 2003
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    + 1 to BFM's gradual taper.