To Fret ot Not to Fret

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  1. I am not sure where to post this, but it seems to me that it is a technique thing. I currently play a defretted 4-string jazz bass but have recently started wanting a few more strings. I became interested in getting a 6er but have or hang up. How would I need to adjust my playing techniques between getting a fretless or fretted 6-string? I currently am concentrating on using the floating thumb/anchor technique while playing and I feel I have a pretty good ear for intonation. I guess I am maybe freaked out a bit by having 2 more strings but really love playing fretless. Any thoughts, criticisms, complaints, tips, or funny jokes accepted. Thanks!
  2. Bustabo23


    May 6, 2012
    you will need to adjust your playing everytime you switch instruments, not only if its from a 4s to a 6s, all the instruments are different, so you need to adjust yourself to that instrument. I own a 6 string fretted and a 4 string fretless, and i play very different with any of them, the fretless technique to get good intonation, vibratto, and mwah sound, i mean pressing the string with your whole finger, not just the tip. That technique is out when im on the 6s fretted bass, also i use the floating thumb almost 90% of the time, couse i play with my thumb a lot, sometimes i like to use Patitucci technique, he leaves his thumb always on the top, he doesnt come down with it, and he mutes with hes palm. You will get used to the 6 string pretty fast, its harder to mute more strings, but i find the 6 string more confortable than the 4 string ritgh now. If you like the fretless sound too much i recomend you to buy a 6 string fretless and start looking at Steve Bailey videos for reference, then with practice you can do anything so its just a matter of time and practice.
  3. Thanks for the thoughts, Bustabo. I'll have to look up that new technique and see if that would work for me. I really do love the sound and feel of fretless, but I would hate to invest money in an instrument that I cannot do justice to. I'll check out the Steve Bailey vids and see if I can get practice on my 4s before taking the plunge.

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