To keep Dead strings or Tose them into the trash that is the qestion?

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  1. I was getting Ready to throw my old strings into the Trash a bit ago. now am wondering if I should throw them out or keep time incase of my Reta*ded tuning screw ups I tend to have.
  2. yes, definitely save your strings. never know if ya might need them (its not like they take up a lot of space). I had a friend "help" me string my bass for the first time. He cut my strings to prevent them from being too long and bent my old strings and tossed them out. I was left with two sets of strings that i couldnt use.
  3. Absolutely keep them. It's a no-brainer.
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    Oct 11, 2009
    i save mine incase i catch "poverty" again!;)
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    Nov 15, 2009
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    What do you mean by tuning screw ups?

    I always keep strings at least for a year. Just because I never know. I change strings often and sometimes find I want to see if I like a certain set better than I thought I did previously. But strings are, for the most part, so cheap these days you can almost always get a new set when needed. Depending on your financial circumstances, of course.
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    Nov 15, 2009
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    Exactly. You never know when you'll need new strings for a gig or whatever and be broke. So, unless you have girlfriend, save those strings.
  8. Thanks for the help. Also, is it normal to make a string died in 3 months? Not saying its a bad thing because that's saying am Very dedicated to bassist.
  9. Send them to Janek
  10. I have kept every string I have that'll still fit on my bass and sound decent. In fact, I also have like six pack of guitar strings that are in the sleeves that the most recent set came in. Ya never know when ya might break a string or need to pull yourself through another month until ya get some money. Actually, earlier today I swapped out my steel strings for some others cause they were sounding a little dead. A fresh nickel A (from my first attempt at changing strings.), a somewhat decent nickel D, and a sorta fresh sounding nickel G. Kept the steel E as that was the brightest E I have in my possesion. Just a hashed together set, but sounds a whole lot better than the deadish steels, and will be enough to get me through christmas eve service. Then I'll hopefully have a fresh jangly new set of DR Hibeams waiting for me under our houseplant... Er, I mean, christmas tree. <_< Just a thought.
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    Throw them away!
  12. Put them in a water-tight container and soak the dead, old ones in denatured alcohol for 24 hours. Shake the container a few times to dislodge dirt. The oils will be dissolved off the strings.

    When you take them out wipe them with a clean cotton cloth and dry them. You can them reuse the strings another time. This greatly extends the life of your strings.

    Then save them and reuse them when your second set goes dead. Reuse the alcohol when you do your next cleaning.
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    Mine go in the recycling.
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    I've never kept old strings and never will. I dont need junk laying around.
  15. Best place to keep old strings is on your bass.
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    I'd think handmedown strings are better than no strings.
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    +1. The funk is in the funk.
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    Exactly. There are bass players out there who have to resort to making their own strings because they don't have access to actual bass strings. I recently sent some off with a musician friend who was going to Cuba so that he could give them away there. Before that I sent a box of strings to Janek.

    Please don't throw your strings out - there really are people out there who could use them.
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    I have a cabinet in my basement with old strings of every sort imaginable (roundwound, flatwound, tapewound, groundwound, shortscale) in it, probably 15 - 20 sets. I even have some double-ball end strings from back in the late 80's! just NEVER know...