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  1. hello all. lately, i've been contemplating whether or not to keep my MM4. this is the first ever bass that i purchased - great playing bass that's been heavily documented here in the tb forum. had no regrets ordering one without trying it out.

    the reason behind my dilemma is that i have played my buddy's RB5 and lo and behold, the bass' sound was what i've always been hearing inside my head. it maybe due to the rosewood fingerboard and passive electronics but i've played other passive fender mia jazz basses in music stores and nothing quite compares to it by far. i knew i just have to have this bass. this bass is not is stock at my local music store, i would have to special order one in. i've called fender and there's a back log of 90 days.

    now, i've always been afraid to order one because of the talks about fender's inconsistency when it comes to build quality. i, for one, have actually witnessed it myself. but to those who owns, who've owned, and for those who are planning to own one, would you care to share your experiences about the bass' build quility and electronics most especially.

  2. Peg_legs


    Nov 19, 2005
    Huntsville, AL
    I wouldn't buy a Fender without playing it myself. I tried a Geddy Lee Jazz at one store that sounded great, almost perfect. At another store, through the same amp and tone settings, it sounded like arse.
  3. i hear you. that's what i'm afraid of.
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