to loosen the truss rod or not.....

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  1. I'm travelling with my bass from the UK to Canada, and need to put the bass in my suitcase. not ideal, i know, but i need to...

    my question is this: now that the neck is off the body, and will be for about the next 30 or so hours, do i loosen the truss rod or leave it at the tension it's set at?

    any recommendations?

    luthiers, what do you do with necks if you take them off for a day or two to repair bodies?
  2. I usually leave them where they're at. You would be surprised at how little tension is usually imparted on the TR when the strings are loosened
  3. +1

    my carvin made it to Australia 4 years ago unscathed. It was 3 weeks in transit and I didn't catch up with it until about 2 months later, still. I just loosened the strings. When I tuned her back up, I don't recall having to do any major trussrod adjustments.

    And when my wishbass shipped over here....oh truss rod...hehe....never mind... :D
  4. well, took the neck off on wednesday night, put it back on on thursday night, and played a fine show on saturday afternoon. i ended up loosening it about half a turn, and then tightening it to about the same tension after putting the neck/strings back on.

    didn't notice much change at all...

    crisis averted... or maybe i was just being paranoid.