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To my fellow TB-er's!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Reverend G-Money, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. To people on this site... i had the luxury of playing the Key Club in LA last night FOLLOWING TB's own Woodchuck and his band El Pus. They rule. Woodchuck is BADARSE!!! (it was tough to follow but he was DOWN for it!! lovin my guys' horn section!!).... y'know what? first chance i had i introduced myself.. here's details written on a napkin driving home... i can't belive i was thinking about TB with my beauty lady making sure i got home ok... you guys are great man (imitates wiping fake FAKE tears)

    if you are playing in a town where you know a member, or contibutor is from, make a note to let them know you are coming. Or go see them. Make it a point to make contact of some sort. i met Woodhcuck tonight AND had to follow his band... awesome... Once we met, i checked his gig out, he waited and watched and cheered me on BIG TIME. we talked about TB and Daniel Elloitt (i want that Neo 412) and at the end, we hung... He made a big point to my band to let them know that we have been rapping on this site for years and that it was great to meet. They liked us, we dug them and doors are open. We even talked about Nino and Adrian (he's gonna hit him up saturday) !!!! hahaha... just make it a point to meet fellow tb'ers. supporters or not. you might have a new bass brutha!!! (or sista)...

    seriously.. that was in my shoe... yes, my shoe.. we are all the bottow-dwelling family (although we have exceptions *ducks from lettuce and rotten veggies tossed by JT and Jean, Bassius, Beem, etc....*). we rock.

    hah.. now i'm off to Chico State.. we play Eco-Fest, 1:00 tomorrow.. late!!!

    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Supporting Member

    Glad to here you had a Rockin Time, those horns add a great flavor to a live situation and their actually pretty fun to jam with. :) :bassist:
  3. on that topic...usa look out.....i may be coming over in january on a 2-3 week jazz trio tour with my guitarist who was just over this january :hyper:
  4. I hope they make it down here sometime. I still find myself sometimes humming "Suburb Thuggin" on certain days. Woodchuck seems cool.

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