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  1. Hey guys,
    I currently have 2 basses, a 4 string Ibanez GSR 100, and a 5 string Yamaha ...

    The yamaha goes pretty well and I'm happy with it, my question is about the 4 string...

    It was my first bass (came in a pack with a 50watt amp), it's not too bad, not great.
    -2 controls - tone (i think?) and volume
    (is tone the control that if its full on gives a bright sound and lots of finger noise, and fully down gives a more dull sound and zero finger noise?)
    -I'm no expert on woods, but I'd say they are nothing special...
    -Precision style pups

    The main question is, I want a decent 4 string, to go along with my 5 string... so should I get a new bass, something like a Marcus Miller jazz? Or install some new strings, pickups and bridge and keep the Ibanez? Money saved is good and all, but I don't want to be putting money into a lost cause... I play alot of different music, for band purposes: stuff like Metallica, Tool, APC which sometimes calls for a pick but i mainly play finger style... and just by myself i enjoy playing Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and funk like Jamiroquai (sp?) etc etc... So I want a nice low end, but not at a compromise with crisp highs and I want a decent slap tone - the ibanez isnt too bad for slapping, but I heard the MM Jazz is awesome.... I was leaning towards the Marcus Miller jazz (Ive got gas so badly) because I think the jazz pickups will get a pretty nice tone (not that i have much experience with jazz pups...). But if I can get a pretty good/usable tone out of a bass I already have, thats a pretty good deal IMO...

    EDIT: I play through a Roland D-Bass 500 amp which can manufacture alot of different tones, but it wont do much good if the basses sound sucks in the first place. And I am also open to string type suggestions - will repost the string question in the appropriate forum if it annoys you - but saves posting 2 threads about the same thing

    So, helpy? :rolleyes: :help:
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    If you don't like the way the Ibanez plays, getting new electronics or hardware will be a waste of money. I say get another bass after you have saved the money. By the way, the control you described was the tone nob.