To those who helped with the Polarity question weeks back

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    Oct 25, 2008
    El paso, TX
    Hey Guys,

    I know too often people come on here and ask for help and there never being any solid resolution or results talked about well anywho to those who remember helping me out with an older Epi Rockbass that had two negative polarity j-pups.

    Folks suggested changing the polarity with neodymium magnets but I couldn't find any in my area. I instead found an Ibanez Jbx(I think) Bridge pup that was stacked and installed it. It helped but because it wasn't a full on single coil I had to tone down the neck pup to get the noise cancel (when I wanted it). Plus I didn't really like the tone of the JBX too much. (Although it will go into my P+J :cool:)

    Another suggested flipping the existing magnets to flip the polarity. Well that is what I did.

    I took out the JBX and after re gluing the magnets back and doing some flip wiring, I am proud to say she sounds great! :bassist: I have it set up with a push/pull and its a great option for different sounds on the fly. No hum when the pups are equal and the sound flexibility is amazing compared to my T-Bird.

    Thanks to everyone who gave advice and knowledge!

    Great board.