To tort or not to tort, that is the question

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  1. loki2772

    loki2772 Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 6, 2015
    My first Precision after being a nay-sayer for decades. Now that i'm part of the club, installing the obligatory flats and set-up, I'm looking for suggestions. Nobody around? No? NOBODY???



    Now what do i do? I'll check the internet! The internet is serious business you know?

    I know what needs to be done. My mission is clear. I just don't know how far down the tort hole i'm going to go.

    There is always a place in the time/space continuum for tort. This absence, this too shall pass.

    Tomorrow is Saturday and Saturdays are always good days to tort.
  2. shawshank72


    Mar 22, 2009
    No tort please.
    Don't ruin a beautiful instrument.
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  3. That is a fine looking bass the way it is.
    They don't all have to be tort.
    As long as you have tort in your heart Nobody will love you.
    Needing to tort can be a great excuse for getting another bass that is found wanting.
    Check your local tort rescue shelter.
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  4. So many other cool options that would look sweet on that bass it would be a shame to tort-ure it.
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  5. loki2772

    loki2772 Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 6, 2015

    MYLOWFREQ Supporting Member

    May 13, 2011
    No pg, and nickel roundwounds imo. Rock.

    Edit: you're gonna need to get a special control plate from somewhere, I'm pretty sure you can find it.
  7. rogerbmiller

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    Sep 16, 2003
    Many here say that a bass must have tort or it isn't quite legit. But allow me to retort because that statement is false.

    A bass must have tort AND FLATS to be legit.
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  8. Seriously a gold anodized pick guard would rock and groove on that sweet honey burst.
  9. No Tort.
    No Pickguard.
    This one will look good Naked, so be proud and show your wood.
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  10. Bent77


    Mar 6, 2013
    Desert, Colorado
    Thou shalt not Tort
  11. Wood is good.
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  12. GIBrat51

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    You're kidding, right? Have you seen what a P-Bass looks like under that pickguard? Unless it was back-routed, and intended to be naked? That ain't a pickguard, man; it's a "cover up the holes so you don't fall in" guard...;) But, yes a definite :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: to NO TORT...:cool:
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