To upgrade or not to upgrade? Part two

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  1. Lit311


    Jul 6, 2016
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    To upgrade or not to upgrade. (Peavey Millennium)

    After following advice in this thread I thought a simple string change is what I needed. After listening to the bass on recording through in-ear monitors, and on my computer, I realized that the preamp is not getting the sound that I want. It has a rough splatting sound that I cannot eq no matter what I try so I don't know if it is just an active base issue or this particular preamp is just cheap. For those of you new to the party this is in reference to a Peavy Millennium 4 AC bxp. Also, the tone of yhe preamp in general is pretty bland. This bass is all feel, and no tone.

    I love the sound of Warwick's and I had the opportunity to recently try a 4-string Corvette the other day. Although it was not the new slim neck model, it didn't feel incredibly awkward which I think was a plus. I am looking at one of the new slim neck models for about $350. It's passive though.

    The other thing that I've looked at is a bartolini three band preamp with a push-pull for active and passive mode. I'm also debating changing out all the hardware since people say that as an issue and I have noticed various pieces of Hardware rattling and such. If I did that I would change it from the stock black to Chrome.
    If I choose to upgrade this way with just the preamp I'm looking at less than 250 parts and labor. If I choose to update all the hardware I'm looking right around 250 parts and labor. I don't know how to solder, so I want to have it done right all at once.

    My question is will the preamp change the sound that much? Is the sound that I'm hearing unqiue to active basses? I plugged my passive bass bxp
    and I did not hear the same problems.

    Some other bases that I've looked at that are just not for me: I looked at various Ibanez models. Honestly I didn't like the pickup or the feel of them but if I'm going to buy a higher-end base I don't want to put money into upgrade anything right now. I've also looked at G&L tribute models the neck was a little thick for me I'm looking for something with a thin neck and I know it's kind of contradictory since I'm looking at Warwicks.
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    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
    Did you set it up and adjust the pickup height when you changed the strings?
  3. Lit311


    Jul 6, 2016
    I did. Even adjusted the action.