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To Young Adults: What makes you think you're ready to step over the $1000 mark?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by ALiP BoB, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. This thread is for teens and young adults only. (As adults have permanent jobs) (Not for those with rich parents neither!)

    Many of you own basses that are above USD1000.
    Many of you own multiple basses too. (I'm not talking 1 or 2)
    Many of you owns your own rigs.

    My question is, how do you justify buying all those stuff?
    I mean, it's not that you earn a lot. (Do you?)

    And also, with school and part time jobs and all, how often do you gig?

    I'm not "flaming" (whatever that is) anybody.
    Just curious.
  2. Spoiled Grape

    Spoiled Grape I <3 Darkstar

    May 29, 2003
    Riverside, CA
    Money is different for everyone, and everyone is in a different situation.

    I'm out of college, and at the start of my career. I gig five to eight times a month unless on tour, so I'd say I'm getting my use out of it.

    $1,000.00 isn't as much as it used to be. I'm not saying you can throw it away, but with credit cards flying at people, it's not hard to throw $1,000.00 on a bass. Keep in mind, many teenagers/young adults live at home and can afford this stuff. It's not until they go to college or start out on their own that money starts to hurt.
  3. Well, Ive have used alot of my own money, I dont have any big expenses like family or cars.

    What else should I use the money on? Smoking, drinking, buying a lot of clothes?

    I use my rig every day, and all my basses aswell.
  4. What about your jobs? What are they? Part-time?
  5. Elionjamz

    Elionjamz Supporting Member

    Nov 14, 2003
    Atlanta, GA
    Hey man,
    Well I think I qualify as a "young adult". I graduated from college last spring, so now I am permanently employed, I work an entry level job at a jazz production company in DC, so I'm not gainfully employed, but prior to 4 months ago I was a full time student w/ very little money. I giged once or twice a week and had 2 (barely) over 1000 dollar basses.
    Years of building up my rig, man! I've been playing since I was nine, so at 22 I've been playing for 13 years. Which I think justifies a rig and a bass that sound as good as my fingers. In college I had a stingray 4, a nice warwick and a 500 watt tube rig. They got used all the time, and to be honest, I think I deserved that setup more than a lot of the guys on here who spend more time thinking about gear than actually getting good at their instruments (I don't mean to diss anyone, just answering the question). It took me 5 years to build up tht setup and truly loved every time I played out with it. Now I still have the stingray, an FBB custom 4 fretted and SWR Super Redhead. The tube rig just made no sense in the city. Its just to big.

    Hope this answers your question!
  6. 311fan


    Jul 20, 2004
    Salt Lake City
    Well, lets see. First off, I am not going to school right now. I have a low amount of bills to pay each month and I spend every other cent I make on basses. I was gigging around 4 times a month but the band decided to take some time off and write new material.
  7. 1993gt40


    Jul 19, 2006
    Austin, Tx.
    I did it because I have huge disposable income. I am recently out of college, have a great job, no wife, kids or major bills so I have a lot of cash to play with. Why not have nice basses?
  8. So you guys work part time? Where?

    I mean, Teens and lots of money don't exactly go together...
  9. kristlik

    kristlik Guest

    Nov 22, 2006
    Lincoln, NE
    What is wrong with passion? Back in '74 I spent $3K on a sound system; because that was where my passion was (lived in a small 2 bedroom house at the time).

    And if your really had to "earn" (as far as skill) the bass you long for, there would only be a couple hundred people who "merit" a top end bass.

    But you can still enjoy a great bass and aspire to play well enough to "merit" it. Indeed, a great bass can inspire one to want to play it more, which helps towards "better".
  10. -Kramer-


    Dec 9, 2003
    Charlotte, NC
    G.A.S. is an equal opportunity virus, it strikes you no matter how much money or talent you have.
  11. im 22, and still in college. Music is my hobby and job. I gig twice monthly during the "off" season, and during the summer im giggin non-stop. I justify owning expensive gear cause it sounds good and plays well. Just cause i don't make $100,000 doesn't mean i don't want good gear.
  12. RyKnOw


    Jul 23, 2004
    Oklahoma City
    who cares?????? really. Just buy what you like as long as the bills get paid.
  13. SurrenderMonkey


    Aug 18, 2006
    $1000 isn't that hard to get. Where there is a will, there is a way. How many nights at Mc Donald or at super market does it take to round up 1K?
  14. how do I justify it? easy--think about what you want in a bass, regardless of price, and look for that, then start saving your pennies :)
    I don't have a $1000+ bass yet, but i will probably be spending that much on a bass around the new year :)
  15. Aarix


    May 19, 2006
    Raleigh, NC
    Well, I feel that to really get a quality sound...

    Wait a minute.
    I think I no longer fit the definition of "Young Adult". You just blew my mind. :eek:
  16. morf

    morf Banned

    Feb 17, 2006
    I worked hard for a year to be able to afford whatever I wanted bass wise. Now with sales and trades it enables me to go through a wide variety of basses to try out as much as I can and find out which I like best.
  17. perfektspace6


    May 9, 2006
    I'm 26 so I guess I still qualify but my post is based on experience from when I was 18-23 and music was my life. Started out on a MIM precision (at 14): outgrew it. Got a Carvin 4 ($600): outgrew it. Bought an ESP Horizon 5 Custom shop ($1100): outgrew it. Then as a young adult (18-19) I stepped up to a Peavey Cirrus 6, Pedulla Thunderbuzz 6 and a few others.

    The reason I spent big money on my gear was that I frankly became a very good player. Practicing, writing, taking lessons was all I did when not making money on the side to fund recording and other expenses. I am not sure how I afforded everything (living at home probably helped :) ).

    I was ready to buy that gear because I could, and still can to a lesser degree, play at a very high level. In general I never saw many guys on the rock circuit we played with high end basses... so maybe things have changed. Doesn't make much sense to me to spend a lot on a bass if you don't know the difference but expendable income makes a big difference.
  18. if you earn it...and work at it...then it is safe for you to cross into the kingdom...
  19. Toasted


    May 26, 2003
    Leeds, UK
    I spent my student loan on my gear. Thanks, tax payers.
  20. opivy3056

    opivy3056 stardust in a light beam

    Oct 14, 2004
    San Diego
    Lately I cant justify buying anything new.

    My car gets 14 mpg so im spending 60-80 dollars a week on gas alone. (which REALLY sucks since i dont even drive that much)

    Im trying my hardest to save for a new bass, but stupid crap like new front tires, paying for my license plates and failing emissions came up. (and homecoming and being a good boyfriend, you know how it is.....)

    I have a decent bass (MIM fender with mods) and a pretty nice amp to play though (GK700RBII+avatar410)....and Ive realized buying more pedals wouldnt be very economical, but I have a nice board anyway.

    I have friends with 1000+ basses and but really crappy rigs. I cant really see the logic in having a bass that nice (especially if im playing medium sized unpaid gigs where nobody pays attention to my tone).

    Some kids dont know how to manage money. Thats how they end up with 1000 dollar basses. (and then ask to use my amp at shows :scowl: )

    Sure I'd like a Ric or an Am Dlx Jazz, but if the crap im playing now is solid and reliable.....why bother dropping a huge wad of cash on something new?

    -17 year old bassist in high school working 15-20 hours a week at 9.00 per hour

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