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    Dec 27, 2002
    TOBIAS 5 five string PRE GIBSON W/CASE
    Legendary Tobias 5 string Bass pre Gibson + original Tobias hard shell case. This is an awesome neck-through instrument hand made by Mike Tobias in 1991 at his Burbank shop before Gibson took over the company. The serial Nr. is 1685. All Tobias basses up to serial Nr. 2044 were built by Mike Tobias and share the same tone, quality, features and components that made them famous. I asked Mike Tobias directly about this when I bought this bass years ago. Later Tobias models mad by Gibson are cheap copies that do not sound or feel like the originals (always ask for the serial Nr.) This instrument has a beautiful flamed maple body with purpleheart center. It has a glossy finish with matching headstock. The neck is made of maple, purpleheart and rosewood fingerboard. It has a double trusroad that allows more control of the neck and makes it extremely stable to temperature and humidity changes. Since this is a 12 year old neck, it has already settled. Thats's why I've never had to get a fret job or any kind of work on this bass. It never needed it. The neck feels incredibly smooth and playable. The perfect string spacing and asymetrical neck design make it faster and easier to play than any other bass I have owned. The frets are in excellent shape with minimal wear (look at fret pics in my website) and perfectly dressed and allow an action lower than you can possibly imagine without buzzing on any fret. The entonation on the second 8ve is extremely accurate and playing chords with extensions is a dream. The tone of this bass is superb; great harmonics and incredible sustain. The low "B" string is thounderous, the best I have heard, and it blends well with the sound of the other strings. You can get virtually any sound out of this bass. It sounds great for fingerstyle and for slapping. You get the Jaco, the Marcus Miller, the Anthony Jackson, and any sound you are looking for with just one bass. Jimmy Haslip, from the band "Yellowjackets", played Pre Gibson Tobias 5 and 6 string bass on all the older Yellowjackets recordings. During the last few years I have worked only with this bass playing styles as diverse as acoustic jazz, funk, salsa, pop and rock. This bass does it all. The only reason why I am selling it is becasue I want to buy an old Tobias pre Gibson 6 string bass I have found, and I can't afford two high end basses. Otherwise I would totally keep this baby. Tobias basses with a serial Nr under 1800 sell for over $2500. You will not find a similar instrument (in this condition) for less than what I am asking. This bass is in ABSOLUTELY MINT CONDITION and comes with its original Tobias hard case (hardly used) and the neck adjustment tool. ASKING ONLY $1799. For more pictures go to
    You can reach me at (973)783-2962 or [email protected]
  2. capalito

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    Dec 27, 2002
    check it out
  3. capalito

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    Dec 27, 2002
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