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No longer available Tobias Growler 5 (1 of a Kind)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by darkbass, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. darkbass

    darkbass Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 11, 2006
    RockReady Artist Relations Mgr.
    New York
    1. I’m going to regret this. I just got this from a great fellow TB brother who did the finish. The bass plays great. At the end of the day I’m just a Jazz Bass guy! This bass deserves to be played and kept in its original form. 65108598-0F2B-476B-94D1-C42291784B1D. 37306B39-0D90-42CC-88B8-7ED859F0F707. ACE91AE9-7EB4-4041-B853-A90D947AC874. 971FC563-37F8-4E0F-957F-8CE2AF9371E0. 5726FB32-7B60-4332-826C-505823F91DE0. AC965A7C-C9B7-4CC7-880E-81265E1AB1B6. C46CB24C-C228-4279-9CF6-8698A8C3CBAD.

      From the original posting:

      This next bass is truly unique. As an instrument it is a stock Generation I Tobias growler 5. This bass was purchased as a project as it had multiple finishes , and needed a bit of TLC. I made it a labor of love, and gutted it, refinished it in gold marbled granite, and reassembled it, cleaning up the entire bass. There is a thin coat of lacquer over the finish, and it has taken a few hits as this was a gigged bass for several years. but overall it is extremely unique, and plays incredibly fast. It has the fastest feeling 5 string neck I've played, as it is asymmetrical ( thinner on the treble side) . It is American made, body is Ash, neck is Maple/Purpleheart/Maple with what looks like a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, but not sure. Sound is quintessential Growler. Goes from thumpy to twangy in a few flips of the switches. For those that do not know Gen 1 growlers. they are made with 6 separate preamps, and run on 18V. There are 2 separate circuits for what appears to be a traditional humbucker, but is not. Each side of the pickup (neck/bridge) has a Bass, treble and Mid preamp. The bass and treble is tweaked via the stacked knobs, and the mid frequency selection is handled by the 3 pole mini switches. There are 2 sets of both ( stacked knobs, mini switches) Controlling each side of the pickup individually. Other control is volume and pickup pan. Bill Bartolini said this pickup was such an undertaking that he'd never make them again. If you want a truly unique yet very usable bass, this is it. Small tobias body, very fast fingerboard, 34" scale. Straplocks. Asking $999 plus ship...SOLD.
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  2. mark35mi

    mark35mi Supporting Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    Bonita Springs, FL
    She is sold? Still listed as for sale. FYI

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