Tobias i.d.?

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    It's a Toby all right. Like the listing says, a Korean made "Toby" model, Toby Pro I think. Used to be sold through MusicYo online, very inexpensive mass produced bass. They were great basses for very little money. It's not a Mike Tobias made Tobias, or even a US made Gibson. Even without the seller saying it's Korean, it's easy to tell.

    Control layout: 4 knobs in a diamond arrangement.
    Pickups: "Tobias" labelled soapbars.
    Dot position markers.

    All the neckthrough Korean basses had these features. I don't know the going rate in the UK.
  2. This morning at church, we had a joint service, with our service and the people who rent the church from us in the afternoon, and the bassist for the other service played that bass. I tried it out afterwards, and it felt nice to play. I really liked how the back of the neck was sort of flat, or not as rounded out as say a Music Man is, or even my Fender V. What is the going rate for one of these new and/or used in US or CAN $?