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Tobias Signature 5 String Bass s/n 1207

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by bassdude93003, May 10, 2010.

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  1. Stolen hours ago from my house in Ventura, California. It was in a red undercover gig bag and had tuner, cords & a chorus pedal. Any info would be appreciated 805-207-8632. Thanks!!
  2. Found at a local pawnshop. I'm supposed to pay what the pawnshop bought it for. Is there any justice????
  3. Report it to the police as stolen, aka file a (claim?) report. How much are they selling it for?
  4. It was reported stolen to the police before the pawn shop purchased it. I have the original receipt, pictures of me playing the bass, and a police report. Apparently, unless a pawn shop knows that it is buying stolen goods, they are entitled by law to be compensated for the money they put out for the item.

    This is a right that pawn shop owners have that no other private citizen has and it's just plain wrong in my opinion. I'm trying to convince the police that they should seize the item as evidence in the crime committed of the break in at my house. The thieves stole electronic equipment, cash and practically all of my wife's jewelry as well.
  5. Right won out! The cops convinced the pawnshop to hand over the bass (and my wife's stolen jewelry that was also pawned).
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