Tobias-Toby Pro 5 string

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  1. Its the one in the natural finish.
    Normally sells for $599, I'll let mine go for $450.
    Comes with gig bag, it is in great condition except for one lil knick in the body.

    It comes with a decent gig bag.

    It plays great!!! Awesome slap tone, lots of high end touches, neck tru body, lots of wenge, flame maple body etc.
    I hate to see it go but I have a custom job in the works and I need the money.
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  3. Captain Digital

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    Sep 23, 2001
    Plano TX
    Just what I've been looking for. Can you email me pics, specifically of the knick in the body?

    FYI - I'm planning to pull the frets and replace them with fretline you know any reason why this conversion to fretless wouldn't work?

    Captain Digital
  4. You have mail!!!!

    Well I dont think there would be any reason why that wouldnt work. I know they sell frettless and they have the same specs.