Today i had a flashback

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  1. Was jamming today and zoned outAs a beginner bassist about 7 years ago i went with my mom and her then bf (who gave me my first and best bass) went to a guitar store. I was there for a pedal and asked an employee for a demo. The thing i noticed was that all of the nails on his picking hand here about 1-2 inches in length. The end result was a perfect pick like sound with finger accuracy. As a beginner i didnt realize what i had just witnessed. After years in the bass world that thought baffles me...

    I personally favor fingerpicking

    Has anyone seen anything similar techniques? Any vids?
  2. Generally classical guitar players have long nails for picking. The only time I've seen it used on bass is when a friend of mine who plays classical picks up a bass. My guess is that the employee was not exclusively a bassist.
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    Odds are he was a fingerstyle guitarist, but there are some well-known bassists who use fingernails as part of their sound. Geddy Lee is one of them, but I believe he keeps his nails only just long enough to get a hint of a fingernail strike while still hitting the string squarely with his finger itself.
  4. I've tried it, and, IMO, it hurts like a bitch. But, I love the tone I get.
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    1-2 inches long? Never saw any that long.

    I used to keep the nails on my right hand slightly longer when i was playing acoustic guitar but decided it wasn't worth it. I bet there's some YouTube tutorials on fingernail maintaince geared towards classical guitar
  6. Maybe he just lost his clipper, and chews the left side ones
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    I haven't had any flashbacks and I'm a little bummed about it. Feeling ripped off.
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    I used to get them sometimes under certain kinds of fluorescent lights. Wasn't always pleasant though. :(