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  1. Razor


    Sep 22, 2002
    I'll post some pic's soon but for now just wanted to post a few opinions of my newest additions to my setup.
    I had previously been running my basses (passive and active) into a SansAmp BDDI and then straight into a Bass POD PRO. That signal then fed into a Hartke 7000. From there I ran stereo into an SWR Goliath III (4x10) and Big Bertha (2x15)respectively. Way too hi-fi sounding and a lot of hiss/noise. I was able to get a workable sound but still not exactly what I wanted.
    Over the last few months I did a lot of reading and talking to fellow TB'ers. I also demo'd lots of different units at local stores. I really wanted the simplicity of just an SVT classic and fridge (8x10) but try as I might I could not get used to that Ampeg sound. I am totally not knocking Ampeg but the sound just wasn't there for me.
    After speaking with Nino (thanks man this amp is unbelieveable) I figured that I would stay with a rack setup and I found an awesome deal on an SVP-1500 power amp. I also got a great deal on a used SWR Goliath Senior (6x10). I used this with the Bass POD PRO for a few weeks and I was much happier. I then stumbled onto an excellent deal on an SVP-Pro which I got solely for the tubes included inside this unit. I figured I could dial in a sound that would give me a warmer sound via the tube compliment.
    After hooking it all up, I can honestly say my setup is totally out of control...but I do have a great sound and impressive/ominous looking rig. I added a Morley Power Wah to my pedalboard and spent quite a bit of money facilitating George L's cables on everything. The pedalboard signal goes straight into the Alesis compressor/noise gate and then into the SVP-Pro. The Bass POD PRO is used in the effects loop of the SVP-Pro and I have the 4 button footswitch on the board for changing the POD tones. The output of the SVP-Pro then goes into the SVP-1500 which runs a stereo 4 Ohm load to each cabinet (Big Bertha and Goliath Senior). I left the Hartke in one of the racks as a backup and on a large outdoor gig a week or so ago I actually split the signal from the SVP-Pro a third time and ran that line into the Hartke which powered the Goliath III (4x10) and I used it as a monitor on an amp stand next to me and put the other cabs on either side of th drum riser.
    Having said all that...I am of a few conclusions;
    1. Having two 6 space racks to house all of this stuff solicits strange looks from folks who generally lighten up once they hear the tone/power this rig provides.
    2. I feel like Les Claypool dancing around all these buttons and controls. (wish I had his chops though:bassist: )
    3. I'm glad I still have the ability in my fairly young age to lug each piece on my own.
    4. Many months and countless dollars/hours upon hours of research have made me a happy camper with my selections.
    FWIW I know that I will probably get bombarded by everyone feeling that this is total an extent I agree but I play lots of different types of music and mostly I compete with a very loud/powerful trio of musicians. Most places don't afford the luxury of having a nice and powerful FOH so I really needed a good sounding rig that has the ability to be used as a stand alone when theres no PA support...this rig does all of that for me. It takes me a little longer to haul and setup but in the end when I achieve the tone/volume I put out there it makes all of the work pay off.
    I'll quit mumbling here but I just wanted to share my results and say a big "Thanks" to everyone who has given me advice/opinions here at TB.
    Best Wishes