Todd Coolman "Bass Tradition"

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  1. Any one familiar with this Book ????

    I just got it... it´s a very complete book / useful... to grab a hold of tradition.... and a good source for solos ideas....

    But the Thing is.... anyone Knows where to get the recordings ??? without the recordings is very easy to loose the focus...


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    It is indeed a great book. As for the recordings, I believe that would be a copyright nightmare to try to release, although Bob Sinicrope had quite a few of them loaded into his iPod last week at a "Bass Tradition" masterclass he gave last week. Let me ask Bob where he got them, and if any or all are to be had.
  3. Hello, I found 7 of the transcribed solo´s at There´s a trial of 50 songs, and then if you agree 40 songs a month at 9.99 USD.

    The songs that I download were:

    Nardis / Scott Lafaro
    April in Paris / Red Mitchell
    These Foolish Things / Red Mitchell
    Will You Still Be mine / Red Mitchell
    S´posin / Scott Lafaro
    Blue Spring / Paul Chambers
    This Can´t be Love / Paul Chambers....

    Nardis and Sposin solos are something else...

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