Tokai Jaco fretless w/ hipshot - Monmouth County, NJ

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  1. this is going to be a long long long longshot as the theft occurred probably around 15 yrs ago... but i had left gear at a friend's house who was a bartender (who, is overly trusting and friendly) and had some dude he didn't know all too well over his house)... and when he passed out, dude stole his stereo -- and my bass.

    are there really that many of these floating around out there? i'm fairly certain nothing will come of it but i always wondered what happened to that bass... i never really played fretless after that :-(

    theft occurred in Belmar, NJ on Pine Tree Way, circa 1992.
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    Dec 31, 2007
    dude, sorry to hear about that ....
  3. bump of despair...

    this one might belong in the 'embarrassing photos' section, but it's a photo i recently dug up of me playing the bass in question.

    [circa June 1989]