Tom Petersons old bass. Maybe one of his first custom Hamer prototypes

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    Hey Cheap Trick fans! A studio that I recently recorded in had a gem of a piece of history and lore. This is a Tom Peterson prototype that was used way back in the Budakon era. Heavy as all get out and hard to balance, but man just the aura of this beast. 2013-06-10 16.49.45.jpg 2013-06-10 16.49.52.jpg 2013-06-10 16.50.05.jpg 2013-06-10 16.52.13.jpg 2013-06-10 16.52.21.jpg 2013-06-10 16.52.29.jpg
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    He talked about that in an interview I read decades ago. He said Hamer was scared the neck couldn't take the tension of 12 strings and built him the the 10 string (Note the E and A only have a single octave string) as a compromise. Since the 10 had no problems they went ahead with a full 12 string.

    That bass (there may be two if I remember the interview correctly) is incredibly rare and historic.
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    Mar 30, 2014
    #69, dude!!!!! Definitely a cool bass! Nice grab!

    Hamer instruments always make me smile. Great company... shame they got "Fendered."
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    Very cool love me some Cheap Trick and Tom’s unique basses and style. Thanks for sharing.
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    Jul 4, 2006
    I'd Buy it right now!!!!!
  6. B-Mac

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    Which studio? That’s a real piece of history sitting there.
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    Also, TTBOMK, that bass, like many of his Hamer 12's, is only 30" scale.
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