Tom Watson

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    What's all this talk of Tom Watson at the British Open?

    I missed the fuss, but seen someone comment that the best man didn't win. Controversy, or upset?...

  2. I was sad to see him lose. He was *so* close and would have been the oldest, by far, to win such a tourny. :atoz:
  3. MJ5150

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    Watson would have been the oldest man ever to win a PGA major tournament. He was the leader until the very end, but lost out to Stewart Cink who came from behind. Instead of being applauded for a dramatic come from behind win, Cink now looks like the guy who stole it from Watson. That is also a big bummer.

    Watson thus inspired men in their 50's all over the world to go out and play some golf again. Kind of like an old mans version of Tiger Woods. :D

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    I was really pulling for Tom Watson and I never even watch golf.:)