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For Sale TomKat Violet Muffer, JohnK Agent 00Funk, Broughton Sunder and more...

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by Davidg, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Davidg

    Davidg Supporting Member

    Oct 7, 2009
    New York
    Downsizing two pedal boards down to one. Not playing out enough to justify keeping extra pedals so I am parting with these. All are in excellent shape, work perfectly and have velcro on the bottom. All prices include shipping to CONUS only.

    TomKat Violet Muffer $169
    Kills me to move this one. One of the best Violet Ram's Head clones out there. Super smooth fuzz (but can get nasty). Little or no low end loss. Huge sound. Made like a tank. Features amusing flash art graphics. This pedal has out lasted all my other fuzzes but its time has come.(Comes in original manufacturer's box).
    From TomKat website:"This is my recreation on the Violet Ram's Head big m-ff. It has a lot of mids and really cuts through at all tone settings. It's crunchy but smooth crunchy. Like when you get the all natural smooth peanut butter at the health food store but it still has some crunch to it. I also added a lift switch which takes out the first pair of clipping diodes to take this m-ff party to the next level. There's also some sweet old stock transistors throughout for added mojo from the fuzz gods. I also spent a good amount of time designing the circuit boards to look as cool as the rest of the pedal."

    JohnK Agent 00Funk $180
    Great clone of the Chunk Systems 00Funk filter in a small enclosure. Up and down sweep and very interactive controls. Was made to work, via an extra input, with their Brown Dog fuzz but will work well with many fuzz pedals. The input is like a simplified effects loop. With the use of a y-connector (which I'll include) you can hook up any fuzz (see Broughton Sunder below) to it and work it the same way for lots of synthy madness. (You can also just run any pedal directly into it. Using a y-connector let's the fuzz signal coming in do one thing while your clean signal does another). Here is a link to the site for a photo and more info: Brown-Dog-00Funk

    Broughton Sunder Fuzz $110
    This is a great octave fuzz (SuperFuzz clone) that I ran before the 00Funk (see above). These are great together, especially with the filter in down sweep.

    Fredric Effects Do the Weasel Stomp MkII $160
    Three pedals in one, an opamp distortion that feeds into a sweeping envelope-y tone control (that can be used with an expression pedal for filter sweeps), plus a second foot switch kicks in a 70's IC style Muff-like distortion. This is a super cool pedal. Made in England. Here is something from their website with a picture and full description:Systech Harmonic Energizer modified and improved by Fredric Effects as 'Do The Weasel Stomp'

    JohnK Mini Bass Fuzz $110
    Little tiny fuzz with a huge sound. Keeps bottom end. I mainly used it to get a kind of 1970's John Wetton/John Greaves distortion (at least to my ears!).
    From their website: "Here's a tiny pedal with a HUGE sound. Based on the Bazz Fuss but modded with gain & tone controls, this single Darlington transistor fuzz pedal sounds great with bass and has a really gnarly sound that cuts thru the mix without losing any low end. I've found that often the simple circuits yield a purity to their sound that more complex designs can't achieve."

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  2. ko stradivarius

    ko stradivarius Supporting Member

    Aug 14, 2006
    St. Louis
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