Tommy Sims

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  1. This guy is one of the greatest bassists ive ever heard. He has played a lot of gospel stuff, but also appeared with Clapton and Springsteen.

    To hear some utterly amazing bass playing, may I recomment to you the album 'Brave Heart' by Kim Hill.
    He also plays a mean guitar and drums.

    Get yourself educated, check him out on: Sims.html

    Thank you and good night.
  2. jerry

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    Dec 13, 1999
    I agree....Tommy Sims is a great player & writer, he has also produced and played with Michael Mcdonald.
  3. May I also suggest downloading a MP3 called 'Gotta stop my heart' by Kim HIll. This will give you a taste of Tommy. Otherwise Im happy to send an MP3 to anyone who requests it. Thi guy is waaay under rated.

    Thank you and goodnight.